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5 Factors for Success in the Blogger World

Dear friends, this time the admin will share what are the determinants of success in the blogging world based on my experience since 2016, my goal here is not to plunge friends or everything. only limited to sharing what factors I have neglected and this may be so important for those of you who are new to the world of blogging, to save you time searching for mistakes, then learn from my mistakes so that you don't have to repeat them. In the first year I started blogging I was a consistent person. the day changes over a period of years until the nature begins to change and uncertain direction. This mindset is not easy to set, I'm sure everyone will experience difficulties for this, as well as myself.

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 So you think I'm logic like this … </p>
<li><b> Blogging for Money? </b></li>
<li> Blogging for Hobbies? </li>
<p> 2 circumstances above is one of them … If you want to move forward, choose the first statement <b>. </p>
<p> In two things I've experienced, if you chase money then you will get something with <b> hard [1945912] really feels tired but maximal, while blogging for hobbies does not feel tired </b>. But I can say if You are blogging for hobbies, so the friend's answer will be far behind someone who pursues a blog for money. </b></p>
 These are the 5 Key Factors to Being a Successful Blogger in the JagoanKode Version </h2>
<p>After I summarize it into several sections, I will explain it again in this section. in this section you may be deeply absorbed in our biggest mistakes in the world of blogging and anything that makes you fall and fail and then redevelop a business that you have long built. </p>
<p><span style= 1. Be a Consistent Person.

The main point of this post is this number one guys, although maybe you are lacking in other things, at least be a consistent person in one thing, if you have set your way of life

The experience that I can take from me is to fight lazy feelings. laziness is a demonic nature. we as humans have free will to do things according to our own will. so don't let this lazy feeling overwhelm you.

Feeling lazy is the same and comparable you delay your own success. believe it or not is up to you, I experience it myself in my life. for that I have tips for relieving this feeling of laziness ..

Tip: [1945911] Don't Work As An Employee, But Follow The Workings Of Employees.

If you have worked as an employee for example, I mean example sample above, make your own hours for you, make a special holiday for you, wake up the same as you work in a company.

This helps you to avoid feeling lazy, logically like this,

"If you work in a company, why are you diligent? because you are afraid of the boss, – "

" If you work for yourself, why are you lazy? because you are not afraid of failure yourself "ah … later, ah. … can later … So it continues …

2. Don't Complain.

Whatever happens, don't complain … there's no this, it's not there … tired ah …, bored, … lazy … and many other things …

To Overcome This … I Only Have One Statement Based on My Experience …

Wants When You Have Complained Want Until Anytime Also … There Are No Results at All. … What You Have Has Lost Some Jobs That Should Have Been Ready … (Waste of Old Time) This Is For Complaining A Day – What Is Everyday? You answer yourself Gaess …

3. Don't Pline – Plan

What I mean is to say this Plenary Plan?

So the point is, when you see something bigger than your job … you immediately switch.

This is fatal. because you've been tempted to see something else, this is a big mistake. yeah, of course it's very wrong.

When you initially made your choice … don't switch … at least finish.

This will make your old choice fail Your new choice also failed.

So 2 2 Failed . Sip, I have experienced this … Plz Don't be repeated:)

4. Don't Quickly Satisfy With Something.

In this fourth point is never to be quickly satisfied with something, this makes you become more backward than usual, to be honest you must have experienced this, based on my experience have in fact true true complacency makes you stop learning.

After you stop learning to believe or not believe all your income charts and your knowledge will drop dramatically.

Don't be quickly satisfied with something you get, it doesn't mean we are not grateful, huh ..

Be grateful, stop learning, don't. keep feeling hungry for science because science will continue to be sought until we die later.

If you have experienced a drastic decline … make sure you read the fifth point below.

5. Don't Give Up

The last step in this post is don't give up, why is this the end? because this will repeat over and over when you fail and end with success later.

All will end when you give up, but it doesn't end with trying again. and it will feel long if you repeat the same mistake.
Don't see too many negative things in my opinion … We live 80% Positive and 20% Negative

Whatever you want to respond to.

Motivation for the End of This Post is …

" Be Hard On Yourself, Then This World Will Be Subject To You "

Okay Maybe this is the closing of the post this time, hopefully it can be useful for all friends who have read this article, from the 5 things I mentioned above are things I get based on personal experience, I think other people do that too .. yes it's the same … so that's how this article I made. the aim is to raise you from adversity. start new things and end by watching the video below …


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