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+ 5+ Examples of Problem Papers, Research Etc. [LENGKAP]

Talking about the problem formulation, you might have immediately imagined writing a proposal or paper. Usually, the formulation of the problem is in the beginning of the chapter, namely the introductory chapter.

Writing the formulation of the problem is after writing the background. If the background contains a brief explanation of the problem to be discussed, then the formulation of the problem is written with the aim to provide a limit to the problem.

Formulation of the problem or called research question is often regarded as the heart of research . Because, a problem that will be raised through research must be formulated in advance so that it is easy to find the right solution to overcome the problem. With the formulation of the problem, the research that you do will be more focused because it already has a clear purpose in it.

Example of Problem Formulation

In general, the formulation of the problem is a collection or several questions written in detail about the scope of the problem that will examined. A sign of writing a good and correct formulation of the problem is able to answer half the questions of the subject matter.

Formulation of a good problem not only helps us to focus the mind on the root problem, but also can direct us about thinking about a problem or problem will be solved through this research.

Well, below will be explained about some examples of problem formulations commonly used in papers, proposals, research, descriptive and scientific works. Immediately, see the following description.

1. Examples of Problem Problem Papers

 Examples of Paper Problem Formulations

The following is an example of the problem in a paper on "The Dangers of Drugs for Human Health."

Definition of narcotics Based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No.22 in 1997 is a substance or drug that comes from plants or not plants either synthetic or semi-synthesis which can cause a decrease or change, awareness, loss of taste, reduce to eliminate pain and can cause dependence. "

In this modern era, abuse drugs occur in various circles, both children, reamas to parents. However, according to several surveys that have been conducted, it is determined that adolescents are the largest number of people in drug abuse cases.

There are a number of things that affect adolescents using drug [19459907]such as having a high curiosity to try things new and the desire to join a certain group.

If the teenager enters a group of drug users, then he will most likely be affected to use it. Therefore, it is necessary to provide education for the age of adolescents regarding the dangers and effects caused by drugs. Based on the above statement, the researcher has formulated several problems as follows:

  1. What is meant by drugs?
  2. What are the types of drugs?
  3. What are the dangers and effects of drugs?
  4. How do you deal with drug abuse?

2. Examples of Proposal Problem Formulations

 Examples of Proposal Problem Formulations 2

Below is an example of a proposal problem formulation commonly used in entrepreneurial activities. This is very important to attract investors in knowing how far you are persevering in doing business.

3. Examples of Research Problem Formulations

 Examples of Research Problems Formulation

The following is an example of problem formulation in the study of "The Effect of Online Games on Student Achievement Levels in Schools."

In the digital era, science and technology continued experiencing rapid development and progress throughout the world. This field attracts the most attention, because it gives a very real influence on human life that develops along with the challenges of the times.

For example, electronic games or better known as online game play has progressed very rapidly in recent years. This can be seen from the number of emerging internet cafes or game centers that have sprung up not only in big cities but also in small cities.

Games are indeed activities that are carried out as entertainment with the rules that there are winners and those who lose. However, games have caused changes in a child's thinking patterns. Based on this description, it is necessary to conduct research to assess the influence of online games and student learning achievement.

Formulation of problems that can be made from the above research cases is:

  1. What are the effects of online games on students' learning motivation? [19659017] What are the factors that affect the quality of student learning?
  2. What is the role of parents in eliminating the habit of playing games to increase student motivation?

4. Examples of Descriptive Problem Formulas

 Examples of Descriptive Problem Formations

The following is an example of problem formulation in the study "The Influence of Mobile Health Center Programs in Improving Healthy Lifestyle for Villagers X"

Health services are a vital need for the community. Because, with a healthy state we are able to carry out various activities in everyday life. However, often people complain about the location of the hospital far from where they live.

In addition to expensive medical expenses, the services provided are not maximal. To overcome this problem, the government builds health services called mobile health centers that can serve health complaints from small communities. This is done to improve the welfare of the community by providing maximum health services, especially for small communities.

Some formulation of the problem that can be made from the quotation above is:

  1. How effective is the policy of mobile Puskesmas services in Desa X?
  2. How big is the community's appreciation for the policy?
  3. How much is the level of care of the Mobile Health Center in providing services to the Desa X community?

5. Examples of Scientific Work Problems Formulation

 Examples of Formulation of Scientific Work Issues

Below is an excerpt of statements regarding scientific work entitled "Use of Borax and Formalin in Food Quality"

At present, there are many uses of chemicals and various other mixtures to make human work in the food manufacturing process more effective and efficient. In fact, chemicals are already used in making other needs.

However, there are some parties who are not responsible for using these dangerous chemicals in the manufacture of food and have fatal consequences when consuming them. This phenomenon is very alarming, because it is related to the depravity of the nation which must be repaired immediately and is very disturbing to the community.

From the statement above, several problem statements that can be concluded are as follows:

  1. What are the driving factors for actors using borax and formalin in the process food making?
  2. What types of food are targeted for use of borax and formalin?
  3. How are the effects of using borax and formalin in food?
  4. What can be done to eliminate cases of using borax and formalin? [19659058] Those are some examples of problem formulations commonly used in various interests. Hopefully this article can be useful and help you in formulating problems in the research that you will do. Thank you so much.


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