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5 Effective Ways to Diligently Pray 5 Times

Muslims cannot be separated from responsibility and every day they have to perform prayers 5 times. This is the principle that every servant must instill. All those in the world (universe) are submissive and obedient to worshiping Allah SWT. No exception human beings who have been determined to pray but not infrequently still reach out and miss when they have to run it. [459002] Personally standing up to be able to perform prayers 5 times is indeed very difficult. Moreover, the body is not used to it. Let alone 5 times, sometimes consistent for just one time there are still difficult. Islam means submission and obedience. So don't be surprised if all your friends who have Muslim friends are Muslim. Still often disobedient. Obedient here in the sense of doing all His commands and avoiding all of His prohibitions.

Below are tips so that we can easily get used to praying 5 times a day. For friends who feel very difficult to be consistent in carrying out prayers 5 times every day. With this article it can bring benefits that can easily run all the time. You can even do the circumcision. Curious, let's look at the following review.

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<h2 style= Effective Ways to Diligently Pray 5 Times

1. Understand that why you should pray

The only thing that can make us diligently do something is by first understanding "why you should be diligent". For example: why do we have to work hard? In fact, almost every day you always go to work and never at all absent. Let's explain a little. Every human needs to eat. To be able to shop and buy something, you must have money. Money is obtained if we work. If not then it cannot make money. Automatically when there is no money then it cannot eat.

Now this concept is the same as the perception of prayer. If work makes you able to not experience absences. Why do you have to pray that you should be obliged to do instead. Even if it is observed carefully that gives money when you work is not a company boz. Or because it's your greatness which then raises the value of money in the work. All of the above actions can occur only if God wills. It seems impossible to work hard. If indeed it is not fortune. It's sad to be able to get money.

Understand all these things. Not just a review of fortune alone. But what is in front of the eyes occurs at the will of the creator. Understanding these concepts and perceptions is proper for us as humans. Worship and prostrate on the majesty of God in managing all possibilities. Do not let us neglect in fulfilling obligations. Because this command was absolutely issued. And if you break it, you have to be prepared with the consequences. The punishment of Allah SWT is 1000 times more painful than the punishment that exists in the world.

2. Improve intentions from within.

Sometimes when the brain has little by little understood the concept of "why should we pray?". Understanding is not enough. To establish it, instill intention in the heart as strong as possible. Because if planted with perfunctory. Tomorrow tomorrow we will still be negligent. Repeating actions that we have previously made before. Fix the intention really. Ask Allah SWT to lock your intentions. Because if not with his help. It is also impossible to do it. Intention for Allah. Indeed there is no power and essence that is worthy of worship except Allah. All who are in this world submit to His authority. Allah is sufficient as a protector. Connect all your life with the creator. This is a powerful way to establish intentions truly from the heart. Often often avoid liver disease. Clean your heart with a shield of positive thinking and living the things that are ordered. Try to build intention. When it starts to stray or neglect. Remember the hard-won intentions we have built before it.

3. Understand the legal review if you fail to perform prayer services

The law that has been established by Allah SWT is very different from the law that you might have seen on this earth. The only law that is the most just and reasonable. Remember the nature of God who is just and generous in enforcing the law for his servant.

That 1 good will be rewarded with 1 billion times the good in it. But if you make 1 damage to the punishment of Allah, it is very painful.
If you want to know the perception of this punishment? Let's look a little. What will happen if your hands are exposed to fire? Sick ? Yes that's the pain. That's new fire in the world. If it is associated with the doom of fire that is at the end, the source is made of stone. If the stone which is only as big as dzarah seeds is brought to earth, the earth will be destroyed. It's just hot on a small scale. What if you are dumped in the sea of ​​fire in the end. You will feel great pain.

That is indeed the law that will be accepted if you are negligent in performing prayers. But take it easy and don't be afraid. If you are able to do all the commands. The reply is more than many times. This is the reason for us to remain obedient in performing the 5 times prayer service.

4. Train yourself

Now all of the points above have been done so the next step is to train yourself. There are some people who say prayer is a habit. And yes you can say if you are used to it. The body will lightly stand up and carry out prayer. Even if you get used to it if you don't do just one time in prayer, it feels like something is stuck in your life. It is not beautiful if you leave 1 time in prayer. This is the principle for the human body. Can do because you are accustomed. Do it step by step if you can't yet be full. Do it slowly because change cannot be done instantly and quickly. Train every day with a lot of knowing yourself and the majesty of the Almighty God. If you can then train to the mosque. This is mandatory for men especially. Because prayers in congregation at the mosque have more benefits.

5. Prepare yourself 1 hour before entering Prayer time

Sometimes a lot of people underestimate this. But because he neglected to prepare time for prayer 1 hour before. At that time he was asked by work that was increasingly piled up. Until finally the work becomes a responsibility and violates prayer times. This is very much experienced by those who are often holey during prayer times. Because I was used to doing work on the schedule of the time of prayer.

Avoid all work 1 hour before the entry of your prayer time. Make a schedule and set your alarm clock to remind this case, never be afraid if the work is not finished. Because worship is more important than everything. With worship your brain works 100 times more than usual. So logically you can more quickly solve all the world problems. Because in addition to the blessing of convenience, you will always be with people who are close to their Lord.


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