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5 Easy Ways to Change PDF To Free WORD !!!

Ok now my friend will explain to you about 5 easy ways to change pdf to word free, with various tricks in google I will conclude to you students, teachers, students etc, who need tips and tricks to convert pdf to the word of course with free software or free online service that will not be a loss for you to follow.

Immediately I explain how to change pdf to word through 2 methods of offline and online, there can choose how appropriate what do you want. among others:

  1. Microsoft Word Word version 2013 and above
  2. Unipdf .
  3. Adobe Acrobat .
  4. Google Docs (Online)

Well so you have some options that you feel quite easy and not complicated and add your insight about some software that may be before you do not know the benefits.

How To Change Pdf To Word Offline

Benefits Change pdf to word offline is ya ya you must already know, without internet connection we can already change or convert pdf to word and good thing in my site tuntor this, I will give you the application software converter pdf to a free word so you do not have to use software that is illegal.

The first I will discuss is about How to Change Pdf to Word with software.

what is the free converter softwre? [19659002] Softw are commonly referred to as Free PDF to Word Converter. that's the name of the software converter. if you have not got it later i will love its link. just go to the step – step

Change Pdf To Word With Free Pdf To Word Converter

  1. first you download first its application here .
  2. then installkan by clicking 2 times the file that had been downloaded then click next> next> next> install> finish .
  3. Well after the application is installed, then now open the installed application, or usually the application it's open itself. (19659091)
  4. Click to enlarge image, nah pointer number 1 is where pdf file which convert to be a file 2 is the result folder of the converter and number 3 is processing convert .
  5. Now you just follow the above steps later the result will be like this.
     converts pdf menajdi word


  6. Click open file if your computer has already installed word, or click open folder to go to folder location word file being
  7. finished 🙂

it's easy. although I guess it is a bit long, but it fits in the try would be easier 😀

Change pdf into word with Microsoft Office Word version 2013 and above

The second we will use the software we need is microsoft word, but you must use version of 2013 and above, because for the 2007 version or version 2010 facilities pdf converter on microsoft word has not been included.

The steps are simple enough you just open tuh microsoft office application word continues

  1. click open other document
  2. click computer continue browser later you just search tuh location of pdf file that you want to convert to word, after met keep click open . and setelesah it later you will be in a warning click ok aja. for example you can see the picture. click the image if unclear.

 how to change pdf to word

Well wait a moment later automatically pdf file will be open and you are free to ngedit it at will and save its in pdf format or else according to your requirement

In my opinion this way is the easiest if you use microsoft office word version which is bit 2013 upwards. because you no longer need the application or internet connection to convert pdf into word.

Changing Pdf To Word Using Unipdf

There is also another software that is not less good to change pdf to word, which is free software from unipdf, this software quite simple and has some options that you may need later and this software is absolutely free, so you are not afraid of violating someone else's copyright to it. just go to the installation step, and how to use this unipdf.

  1. You first download the application HERE .
  2. After that you install the application by dobule click on unipdf-setup. ex yes> next> i agree> next> install> wait a minute> finish .
  3. If it is installed you open the application after you open it directly you drag the pdf file to (19459020)> keep searching pdf file and click open if it is.
  4. After that make sure the option at the edge of the click is the word and after that just click convert  ]
  5. After that you select where the folder results from this application if you select source path means it will be in the file pdf you convert and if you select desktop later its file will be in l ayar front of your desktop. and the last if you select custom you will be in the search for the folder where you want for the results of his word
  6. if you have click ok wait until the popup menu appears is open directly with microsoft office word or second choice is in open the folder location of the results of his word, if already memllih click ok aja and clay the results .. finished

Convert Pdf Files Become a Word With Adobe Acrobat

The last to convert offline pdf is by using adobe acrobat different his with adobe reader this application is added with features – features that are very helpful for you who like with documents with pdf format and one of its features is to convert pdf to word, so we just practice

  • You must have adobe acrobat application can you search it yourself on google
  • after that you just install tuh its application and open software you have install,
  • after you open you click op en and search the pdf file that will be changed into word
  • and directly you click menu file> save as> microsoft word> word document.  convert pdf to word [19659018] and plih where you will save the already converted word file. after you have just decided directly click save.
  • wait until the converting process is complete, after you sorted open deh his results using word applications.

    How to Change Pdf to Word ONLINE

    If computer or your laptop is connected with internet and you do not want or do not have time to use pdf converter software, I will love the second solution that is by converting or converting pdf file to its word online.

    Because google provide free service like google docs and its features are very remarkable, and one of them is we can upload pdf file and edit it at will and can menyimpanya accordance with various software formats that are very often in use people, one of them is docx format or microsoft office word all the versions.

    So I will use it for your needs in changing pdf format so office word, but the requirement you must have gmail email first, I assume you (19659002) How to Convert PDF To WORD Using Google Docs

    1. open google docs link HERE
    2. then login with your gmail. (19659069) Click the folder menu

  • after that you click menu upload then you click select file from computer , search where the location of pdf file you want to change to be word continue if already found click pdf file then click Open .
     change pdf to word

    Step Upload Pdf File


  • after appearing your file in my drive is your google drive ] click on the pdf file that you finished uploading then select Open With> Google Docs.
     convert pdf to word

    Step open pdf with google docs

  • after opening your file in editing page , it's up to you want to edit first or you want to save immediately wrote by way of
  • click menu file then you point the cursor to menu download as then after that you directly click menu Microsoft word (.docx) . [19659079] convert pdf to word ” width=”529″ height=”453″ />

    download pdf file into word

  • after which you wait until download is complete ..
  • easy right?

    if for example there is less clear, do not hesitate to ask it in the comment field, I will be very happy to answer your question.


    since many are asking how to open pdf which is password protected by who have. (19659048) first you have to do is to reopen the site where you download the pdf, because I am sure if the embedded password is how to protect his file from a thing. therefore believe it first, see below the download file or read in advance terms to get a password pdf in the protek. if you forget the site where you donwload and still curious about the contents of the pdf you do the way in the second below.

  • The second way is to force open the pdf in the password by offline or online. by the way you read my article HERE .
  • ok so first article from me about 2 easy way to change pdf to word, hopefully useful and easy to understand for you



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