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5 Differences in JPG and PNG in Image Format

When you look at photos on a smartphone or computer, sometimes we don't really understand whether the images use JPG types or PNG types. Although there is no visible difference between the two types of files, but if we look deeper, there are some rather striking differences between the two. To better understand this, here are some differences between JPG and PNG.

1. The compression side

If we talk about
compression used, there is a difference between JPG and PNG. In JPG types,
there is a compress feature called Lossy. This feature has a function so that size
photos on JPG types are more optimal. With this Lossy compress, we can too
delete certain parts of the photo used.

Whereas on the PNG type,
compress feature used is Losless. By using a type of compress
this. photos can be optimized without reducing the quality of the photos. Only
course, by using photo quality that doesn't diminish making its size
swelled too. Therefore, even in terms of size PNG images have
larger size than the JPG version.

2. The usage side

If we look at it from the side
its use, the two types of image formats also have different goals
its use. For JPG types, usually used for photos that have style
photography. For example, when we memofo an object with a cellphone camera
or a digital camera, then the resulting image corresponds to that object

For PNG type photos,
generally often used in illustration images such as vector images
or animated image. That can be understood because the lines or lines made
in PNG type images do not break like JPG. Even the picture quality is
saved using PNG format is not much different from the previous photo.

3. Special features

For JPG images, there are
feature called EXIF. This feature can allow photos to save a lot
information when taken. For example just the type of camera used, time
photo taking, resolution used, and others. Usually a special feature
this is used by photographers for certain matters.

In PNG Pictures, there are
a special feature called Transparency. This feature makes it easy for the
illustrator to edit, create or even integrate an image into
another picture. therefore, when we look for images that use
PNG format, more transparent backround. Unlike the case with the format
JPG. When we edit the backroud it becomes transparent, so when it is saved
there will only be white background photos.

4. Image quality

As already
alluded to earlier that the image quality of both JPG and PNG has
difference. That we can see when
we change the resolution in the image. Try to learn ways
resize the image with paint to try to reduce the image. If
we reduce the resolution of images using the JPG format,
then the image quality will decrease. We can see it when we zoom in
the image has been reduced resolution. Generally, a few pixels will appear
which actually makes the image unclear or blurry.

This is different if we are
turn down the resolution on images that use the PNG format, we can
see the image quality in PNG format is still good even though we do
very large magnification. Therefore, the PNG image format is very much
used to do creation.

5. File Size

In terms of file size
will be saved, both the JPG and PNG versions have quite obvious differences. If
You want a smaller photo size, so the answer is version
PNG is smaller than the JPG version. Usually if we do
storage in the JPG version, there will be low, medium, high, and very choice
high if we save it using the photoshop application. Whereas at
PNG version, you will rarely find the quality of photos that must be saved.

Those are 5 differences in JPG and
PNG is not widely understood by many people. although it looks PNG and JPG
has quite a difference, but both of these image formats are very
needed in some circumstances. For example making brochures, pamphlets, or
advertise using images.

In addition, both PNG and JPG conversions can be made respectively. So, we can convert JPG images into PNG and vice versa. That is certainly very easy for us to be creative using any image format without having to laboriously search for or create new images. You can also read more about this image format in various sources such as JPG and JPEG differences in image format and also the most basic bitmap and vector differences . That way, you will understand what are the differences between JPG and PNG image formats on a computer or on a smartphone.


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