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5 Difference between M-Card and E-card on Jenius Card

Currently, Bank BTPN customers get new facilities in using
the bank's product. The facility is called a Genius Card. Genius itself is one product
savings issued by BTPN banks. By using the facilities of
This genius, you as a customer can do various financial transactions
more easily.

One of the next products issued by Jenius was
issued a card that can be used for financial transactions
every customer. These cards are M-cards and E-cards. For you
who are confused about what is the difference between M-cards and E-Cards, following his review.

1. Side functions

Although the M-Card and E-card are the same debit cards
issued by BTPN, but both of these cards have a function
different. The M-Card is basically your main card as
BTPN customers. This main card can function as an ATM card in general. Example
only when you want to take money from an ATM, then use this M-card.

Whereas on an E-card, this card is a debit card that can also
used as a credit card. That is, the main function of this E-card is
for online transactions. For example, if you often do transactions
online such as buying goods at online stores, buying tickets, and various
other online transactions. The financial source in this transaction is
from your own savings. Therefore, this card is referred to as
debit card.

2. The Physical Side

From a physical perspective, the two cards also have differences. On type
M-Card, from its appearance is not much different from similar ATM cards. On
in the middle, there are codes that are the codes on the ATM card. While
on the E-card, you won't get the card physically. E-card card
this is basically virtual. That means to be able to get this E-card,
You need an application that must be downloaded on the Play Store. In the
the application, you can see the balance amount as well as various kinds
transactions that you have made with the E-card.

3. Currency side

For the currency side used, M-cards have advantages
alone. On M-Cards, you can use foreign currencies other than Rupiah
in its financial transactions. However, the currency that can be taken must already
prior cooperation with the previous BTPN Bank. You can search
the information is through Bank BTPN customer service for full information.

For E-cards, the only currency that can be used is Rupiah. then
from that, if you want to do online transactions only can be done
in Rupiah only. If you want to make a transaction
using foreign currencies like shopping online on Amazon, then you should
try asking for full information at Customer service.

4. The withdrawal side of the money

Because the M-card is a card that is not much different from
ATM card, then you can take money physically or cash through
several BTPN ATMs spread all over Indonesia with free Admin fees.
However, if you take cash from other ATMs such as ATMs
together, then you also won't get a discount from Admin. However,
if you only see the balance through another ATM, you will be charged
admin fee. Therefore, you should reduce your activity more often

Unlike the case with E-cards which basically can only do
online transactions only. if you want to do transactions in cash, you
can't use this E-card. because as already stated
previously that this E-Card only functioned as a non-cash transaction. If you
want to do both non-cash and cash transactions simultaneously, then you
can use M-Card.

5. Expiration Period

Every transaction card has an expiration period and generally must
replaced every five years or so. Likewise with this M-card. There is
the time limit that you can use before the expiration date has passed. If it is already
past the expiration period, the M-Card cannot be used and you
must replace it.

Whereas on an E-card, you will not find an expiration period. You
can use this E-card as long as possible as long as you are a customer
BTPN bank. This is certainly not too much trouble compared to take care
M-Card cards.

These are the 5 differences between M-Cards and E-Cards on Genius Cards. BTPN Bank becomes
one of the Banks that utilized usage
internet banking in its service. Because, all activities are
dealing with customers can all be done through this genius program.
This means that customers do not need to queue at an ATM or have to go to the Bank to
financial transaction requirements. Enough with a smartphone, you can already
make transactions faster. You can read further information
such as benefits
internet for banking and ways
check OJK Online SLIK in various reliable sources.


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