What is meant by social interaction? Understanding of social interactions can be interpreted as the relationship between humans based on a prevailing norm and value. In an interaction, it is found that a condition for social interaction should be fulfilled.

In this case, it has become a characteristic and the main characteristic is the continuation of a social relationship. So what explanations are there in the characteristics of the social interaction?

Based on general terms, it can be interpreted the notion of social interaction as a foundation in a relationship which is in the form of an action based on a social norm and prevailing social values ​​then applied to community.

As a socially-minded creature, of course humans should interact with other humans. Every human being must need each other and certainly cannot live alone so we are required to relate to everyone. This interaction is also included in a social element

Found several characteristics consisting of a social interaction. One of the characteristics of social interaction is the existence of communication and a social relationship that takes place between actors in social interaction.

In a social communication must also link a minimum of 2 people or it could be more as a condition for the establishment of a social interaction. [19659007] 5 Characteristics of Social Interaction

In general, 5 characteristics of social interaction are obtained. The following are 5 characteristics and a characteristic of social interaction in full with an explanation.

1. There is the intention and purpose of the interaction

 Characteristics of Social Interaction

In carrying out a social interaction it must definitely have a purpose and a certain purpose. The purpose of a social interaction must be fulfilled, regardless of whether or not appropriate goals can be done for the interaction actor, therefore it is the goal of each actor in carrying out different interactions.

The purpose of this social interaction can speak to ask for news, look for information and other things.

2. The number of offenders is more than one person

There are characteristics of the principal of a social incentive is that the actor must exceed one person. A social interaction can be implemented if it exceeds one person.

It can be interpreted that social interaction must be carried out by two people or even more. It cannot be mentioned as a social interaction if it consists of only one person.

3. There is a dimension of time

What is meant by the time dimension in a social interaction is time that takes place on a social extraction. In the time dimension can be in the past, present, and future, which can determine the nature of an action that is happening.

4. There are reactions that have been caused

 There are reactions that have been caused

In a social interaction can cause a reaction that arises from another party in a social contact. For example, in someone who invites to talk to someone else, then another person invited to talk to will definitely respond to the conversation by listening to it and giving a response.

5. There is communication between actors

In a social interaction there must be an attitude of communication that exists between the perpetrator who has been involved. This communication can occur through the existence of a social contact.

Connectors that can be used can also vary, can be by writing, can be with words, can also be with text messages and other media.

In this communication has 4 important elements that come from feedback, messages, a media communicator or communication which is as a recipient and as a sender.

  • Feed back is feedback derived from a reaction that has been carried out by the recipient of the message that has been received. [19659026] A media is a target or a tool used to convey a written message. There are several groups from the media namely group media, mass media, public media, and interpersonal media.
  • Recipient is someone who has received a message from someone who has sent it, or can be called a communicant. [19659026] Sender is someone who has sent a message to another person and can also be called a communicator.

Besides the characteristics of social interaction, there is also a source of social interaction. In the source of social interaction is divided into two, namely the first is on physical appearance which includes age, body shape, clothing, and skin color and the second is a mindset that includes the main consideration of a sender and a recipient.

in a social extraction there are also factors, namely in the way of imitation, comparison of attitudes, and support for change. In the way of imitation, there are two factors, namely imitation factors and indentive factors.

Imitation factor is an interaction process that is carried out by means of imitating and following a person's behavior and is not permanent. In imitation it includes imitation of behavior, imitation of appearance, imitation of attitude to imitation of lifestyle.

Furthermore, identification is a process in which interacts using ways of imitating and following all behaviors or almost exactly like the person's behavior, appearance on the physical and the more permanent nature. An example is plastic surgery.

Well, that is information about knowledge about a collection of 5 characteristics of social interaction complete with discussion in social sciences. As human beings, we must very often carry out social interactions in daily activities, either intentionally or unintentionally.

This must be related to the nature of humans as social beings who must always need each other among other human beings. Hopefully this article can be a guideline or reference in the science you are looking for.

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