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5 Characteristics of Instagram Hit Shadow unconscious

Use of Instagram
is one of the most popular social media in the world. Ha, no
except in Indonesia. Although considered popular, Instagram has
separate rules so that users do not abuse Instagram arbitrarily. Slaah
one of them is shadowban.

Shadowban blocking action
users from the online community but users are not aware of it. Shadowban is also a
one of Instagram's efforts to avoid Instagram abuse. One of
Penalties given to accounts affected by Shadowban are difficult
getting new followers or your account is hard to find on search engines. For
find out what Instagram features affected by Shadowban are
as follows.

1. Check posts via other people's instagram

The first way that you can
done is try to check your account using a person instagram account
other. For the steps, you try to do a new post on
Instagram. If so, then enter some hashtags, however
not too much. For example, you add two hashtags
up to three not-so-popular hashtags.

If you have used
the first hashtag, then add the second hashtag, which amounts to two
three but with unusual words. After that, try checking
use your friend's Instagram account. If the post you made appears in
under the hashtag be it on Top Post or Recent Posts, then your Instagram account
secure. Conversely, if the post did not appear on your friend's account, then
we can be sure your Instagram account has been affected by shadowban.

2. Use Instagram Shadowban Analyzer

If you feel too
complicated using your friends Instagram account, then the next step can
use a special application. The application is called Instagram Shadowban
Analyzer. By using this application, you can find out whether the account
You are affected by a shadowban or not.

The method itself is very much
easy. First you log in to the application that can be found on Google. After
enter, you just enter your username or post on Instagram
and paste it in it. After that, you can see the results. However,
in terms of accuracy, this application is still questionable as to its accuracy.

3. Followers continue to decline

Followers are features
important on Instagram. With these Followers, your account will
increasingly exist and are also increasingly widely known by others, he added
This follower is not only in terms of existence, but also very
affect your business if you use an Intstagram business account.

Well, if you pay attention
some of your account followers have decreased in days, then p
is suspect. Because, it can indicate that
Your Instagram account could be affected by ShadowBan. If this is allowed to continue
continuously, your account can be lost so
only and you will be very disadvantaged, especially in business.

4. Your account "suspended animation"

The purpose of this suspended animation
is that your account is dead but still active on Instagram. Example
Your Instagram account can still be used as usual. However,
no one has followed or liked your post in a few minutes, hours, or
even a few days. Even the worst, no one commented
and provide replies regarding posts that have been published. That matter
of course, it already indicates that your Instagram account has been affected by shadowban.

Therefore, one
a feature of your Instagram account that has been hit by shadowban is an active active account
and can post as usual but cannot interact
with another account. In other words, your Instagram account has been isolated from
the outside world.

5. You cannot comment on posts

Still related to
the previous point that selian you do not get followers, likes, and
reply, you also can not follow, like and reply to the account
the other. For example, you find a merik account and want to try
follow. Even though you have successfully followed it, but when you try to check
account, it turns out the account page that you have followed does not exist.

Likewise when you want
reply to other people's posts or give likes, you also will not
can do it. Therefore, if some activities on Instagram like
isolated, your Instagram account can certainly be affected by shadowban.

That is the characteristic of Instagram being hit by a shadowban that is not realized. This Shadowban can also be because the feature of close friends on Instagram does not appear . One of Instagram's goals for using this shadowban feature is to prevent instagram accounts from spamming and misuse of irresponsible accounts.

If you plan to
Open a new Instagram account, you should learn in advance how
delete the old Instagram account . After that do the way
register new Instagram easily. If so, you can learn
back in feature
hidden IG which is not widely known. Hope it can be useful.


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