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5 Best Sequences of Exynos Processors

The sophistication of the world of computer technology can be felt by the wider community. Starting from the first generation, the size of a room up to now, we can only use the size of a watch. This is inseparable from the hard work of computer developers in carrying out various kinds of innovations.

If we talk about innovation, the first thing that comes to mind about innovation in technology and information is smartphone technology. It used to be unimaginable that a cell phone whose job is only to call and send messages, is now able to do almost all the daily work services. Start from standard entertainment features such as listening to music, watching videos, playing games until you can shop online. However, similar things also turned out to have dangers, such as the danger of internet addiction which is increasingly prevalent in adolescents today.

Innovation in smartphone technology is not only related to the service side. We can also find innovations in the parts of the smartphone, one of which is the processor. If you have been in the computer world for a long time, you must have known two processor brands that continue to compete, namely Intel and AMD.

This also applies in the smartphone world, if PCs are more dominant in Intel and AMD competition, then on smartphones, there are differences in mediatek and snapdragon . Even though the two processors often compete, there is one processor that has no big echo, but in terms of quality it is no less great than other processors. The name of the processor is Exynos.

It must be true
still unfamiliar with this one processor. This is not surprising because the processor
This is only produced by Samsung and is only used on smartphones
made by Samsung itself. The type of smartphone that can use a processor
this is also not arbitrary. Only flagship type smartphones can
use this processor. Some of the advantages of this processor are the following

  • This processor can save power on a smartphone battery even though its use is quite often used.
  • In terms of speed it is also quite high when compared to other flagship smartphones. The speed can reach 1.6 Ghz.
  • The Exynos processor has its own uniqueness, namely HMP. HMP is a configuration that makes the cores in the processor can perform tasks together. That way, performance on cellphones can be more optimal.
  • The use of this processor function can provide convenience when users open multiple applications at one time.

Even though it looks
has many advantages, this Exynos processor also has weaknesses in
including the following.

  • Costs
    issued for this processor is quite expensive. Therefore, it is not
    surprisingly, only high-end smartphones can use it
    this processor.
  • Sometimes,
    if the smartphone is continuously used, overheating cannot be avoided.

After getting to know some advantages
and the lack of the Exynos processor, here is the order of the Exynos processors from
next generation.

S5PC110 Series
is the first series of the Exynos processor. Launched in 2010, Samsung
embed this type of processor on a Samsung Galaxy S. smartphone at the time
That is, another name for type S5PC110 is Exynos 3 Single.

After the success obtained on the Exynos 3 single version, Samsung again made the sequel. This time it's called Exynos 4210 SoC. This processor is pinned on the Samsung Galaxy S II series smartphone. This processor was launched one year after the first series.

Still on
the same year with the second point, namely 2011, Samsung launched the version
update from Exynos 4210 SoC, namely Exynos 4212. Additional features embedded
on this processor is the addition of frequency and also parts of 3D graphics
by 50 percent. This processor is also claimed to have increased quality
up to 30 percent compared to the previous processor.

  • Exynos
    5250 / Exynos 5 Dual

Also in the same year, Samsung announced a new processor again. The processor is named the Exynos 5250 which eventually was replaced by the Exynos 5 dual. The advantage of this processor lies in badwidth memory of 12.8 GB / s.

In addition, this processor can compress or the term in the world of video editing is a "decoder" video that can reach 1080p so that it can use various video editing software . This processor has been used for a super computer which is still in the form of a prototype around 2015. In addition, this processor is also used on a server computer.

The following year
or around 2012, Samsung launched its newest processor named
Exynos 4 Quad. This processor is used on Samsung smartphones with type
Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. The advantages that are prominent in this processor
is the power usage of the battery which is quite a bit so that the smartphone
it can last longer.

That is the Order of the Exynos processor from generation to generation today. As mentioned earlier, if this processor is only intended for Samsung flagship type smartphones. Therefore, if you try this processor, make sure your money is enough to buy it. It should also be noted that this will increase the positive and negative effects of the internet . Hopefully this article can benefit you all.


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