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5 Autocad Functions With Features + Benefits (Complete)

Autocad is software or software that functions to draw an object, both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional. Autocad is a CAD-based application where the use of this application is quite a lot because it offers various advantages compared to other products with the same function. This application was produced by a company called Autodesk which was first introduced in 1982 with Autocad 1.0.

Then Autocad continued to experience improvements until finally there was the Autocad software which was sophisticated and had many features as it is today. One of the reasons why many people use Autocad more is because it is known for its easy use. So, ordinary people will not have any difficulties when using this application for the first time.

Autocad Function

 The Autocad function is

As previously discussed, Autocad is a CAD based application used to design objects 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions. CAD itself is an abbreviation Computer Aided Drafting and Design which functions the same as the name of the abbreviation. The use of Autocad is no stranger to those who often struggle in the world of design, civil architecture, and various other fields of work that can not be separated from the use of Autocad.

Then why should you use Autocad? By using Autocad, you can draw an object to your liking. The results of images using Autocad are also not arbitrary because they prove to be of good quality and have similarities to the original image.

In addition, you can also easily determine the size of the image you want to use so as not to make images that are too big or small . So, with the existence of this Autocad, you can draw an object with a high degree of accuracy and accuracy and does not take much time so you can use your time for various other activities.

Below we will mention several other functions of Autocad you should know:

  • Used to design aircraft designs
  • Autocad is used to design bridge designs
  • Used to draw or design house designs
  • Used as one of the applications to design car models
  • Even Autocad can also be used to make a design of nuts, nails, hammers, machines, and various other purposes.

Autocad Features

What are the features offered by Autocad? In the following, we provide some common features possessed by one of the best design applications.

1. 2D and 3D drafting tools

As explained at the outset that the function of Autocad is to draw a 2 or 3 dimensional object. Therefore, this application provides a tool that is used to draw 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions.

Some of the commands contained in the tool include: circle, line, polygon, chamfer, trim, fillet, loft, presspull and various other features grouped by their respective categories.

2. 3 rendering options

The second feature offered by Autocad is 3 rendering options. Here you will be directed when rendering. The process that was run was not difficult. But remember, that is to be able to determine how fast the rendering process is run. Then make sure the specifications of your computer or laptop are sufficient. So if you ask first about the specifications of the device as to what will be easy to run the rendering process when using Autocad.

3. Converting Pdf to Dwg

Autocad also offers a feature that can be used to convert or convert ddf format to dwg format. This is intended when the drafter obtain images in pdf format. So, compared to having to redraw. You can directly convert the image to DWG format. The change process did not take long and was very easy.

Advantages of Using Autocad

 Autocad Functions and Benefits

So what are the advantages of Autocad compared to other applications? In the following, we already have some information about the advantages of this Autodesk application.

1. The process of making short drawings

The first advantage possessed by Autocad is that applications can be used to draw an object in a short time. So, you are including busy people every day and do not always have free time. You can use Autocad as software to design images. By drawing using Autocad, the process does not take long.

2. Have a high degree of accuracy

The second advantage of using Autocad is that you can draw or design an object with a precise fit. In addition, images generated from Autocad also have a high degree of accuracy and can even approach the original image. It is as if you will not draw the object, but instead duplicate it because of the degree of similarity which tends to be indistinguishable.

3. Easily documented image results

Autocad is equipped with a feature that will make it easier for users when they want to document the results of the images. This feature will simplify the plotting process so that later images that you create can be directly stored in a folder with the file or folder name as you wish.

4. Facilitate the editing process

Did you know that Autocad is also a design application that offers convenience in running the editing process? Maybe this fourth point is one of the main reasons why this one is widely used. Users will have no difficulty when running the editing process where they can edit images according to their wishes.

That is an explanation of the Autocad function you need to know. Some of the features offered include: move, copy, erase, trim, array, extend, rotate, and so on. The presence of these features is nothing but to facilitate you when you want to edit the image so that the results are not disappointing and in accordance with what you expect.


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