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Do you know what an argument is? Argumentation is one of the types of paragraphs that contain a person's opinion based on facts or phenomena.

The aim is to influence or convince the reader of something that is happening. In other words, the author expects that the reader has the same views or opinions about it.

There are several things that must be considered in making a good essay of argumentation, including knowing the main issues to be discussed, using clear and natural words. denotation so as not to cause misunderstanding and what is important is complemented by supporting facts and data.

Examples of Argument Essay

 example of argumentation

Based on its structure, essays or paragraph arguments are similar to exposition

However, the purpose of the exposition is merely to provide factual information without any element affecting the reader with the opinions given therein. Whereas paragraphs of argumentation are made in the hope of influencing the reader to believe the opinion or opinion of the author.

In order to better understand it, the following is an example of essay arguments in several fields of life, such as education, environment, economy, culture and health.

Example Argument about Education

 Examples of Argumentary Essays about Education

Below are examples of arguments about education using the development of causal patterns.

Recently, the world of education has been intensified with discourse full school system known as full day school . In accordance with the policy put forward by Muhadjir Effendi as the Minister of Education and Culture who said that students would be in school starting at 07.00 until 17.00. There are several reasons for implementing this system, among others, can shape the personality of students, make students more focused on learning, and prevent students from negative behaviors such as brawls, juvenile delinquency, radical understanding etc.

However, the policies carried out by the Minister of Education and Culture are assessed less effective in paying attention to several related aspects. One of them is the psychological condition of children in Indonesia. Continuous learning will make students become stressful, which ultimately disrupts the concentration level to study in school. Moreover, at the age of those who still need adequate rest time for brain development.

Therefore, the government needs to review before implementing the policy. Completing various facilities that support learning is a top priority that must be considered. It is intended that later students will not be easily bored in school. In addition, the government also needs to conduct socialization to instructors to change pleasant teaching methods so that students feel comfortable and not depressed about the material being taught.

Examples of Argumentary Essays about the Environment

 Examples of Argumentary Essays about the Environment

The following is an example of the argumentation about the danger of plastic waste accumulation using a causal pattern.

The rise in the use of plastic has made Indonesia one of the largest contributors to plastic waste in the world. How not, plastic has an important role in people's lives, ranging from plastic bags, drinking straws, plastic drink bottles, furniture wrappers, children's toy wrappers and much more.

Judging from its efficient level, plastic is an easy-to-find, easy material taken anywhere because of its lightweight and inexpensive form. However, there is a danger behind the advantages that plastic provides, namely plastic becomes a material that is difficult to decompose. Moreover, Indonesia does not yet have a device capable of deciphering the accumulated plastic waste. In addition, there is a lack of knowledge of the Indonesian people by disposing of plastic waste in the watershed.

Plastic waste that accumulates will cause the river flow to become clogged and will affect the environment. The main impact is to trigger floods in major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta.

Examples of Economic Arguments

 essays on economic arguments

Below are examples of arguments about the impact of increases in basic commodities. [19659012] Prices of basic necessities have increased very high ahead of the entry of Ramadhan 1440 H. The price increase was very diverse, some rose by 10 percent and some even reached 100 percent.

Garlic became one of the highest commodity prices. . Usually garlic is priced at Rp. 36,000 to Rp. 40,000. However, this price does not apply in Ramadan this year. Because, now the nipple is priced at Rp. 80,000 per kilo. This indicates an increase in the price of garlic reached 100 percent.

Traders and very buyers complain about the increase in basic commodities in Ramadan. Moreover, food traders who need a lot of seasoning ingredients to add to the taste of food.

People hope this incident can be handled quickly by the government. If it continues to increase like this, the small community will find it difficult to make a living.

Examples of Cultural Arguments

 Arguments for Culture

The following are examples of diminishing arguments about reading culture.

Reading is an activity to obtain information through something written, such as a book. By reading, we will get a lot of information. In fact, some say that books are the window of the world. Why is that?

Because books not only help us to get information from within the country, but information from all over the world can also be obtained through books. For example, we will know the condition of a country that has 4 seasons through a book without having to visit the country to find out.

However, today we see many students who are reluctant to take the time to read. They spend more time playing gadgets than reading.

For this reason, the government needs to make a movement to love reading among students as the next generation of the nation. Some ways that can be done such as improving the quality of library facilities and infrastructure, creating a comfortable library atmosphere so students are not easily bored, making libraries as a mandatory agenda in learning etc.

Examples of Argumentary Essays about Health

 Examples of Argumentary Essays about Health [1945903] [1945900] </p>
<p> Below is an example of an argument about the habit of blowing hot food which has an impact on one's health. </p>
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Have you ever blown a hot food or drink? Most people often blow hot food. This is done on the grounds that the food becomes cold fast and can be enjoyed immediately. In fact, these habits have a negative effect on the health of our bodies.

In a religious perspective, Islam clearly regulates adab when eating and drinking, which is not to blow food or drinks that are still hot because it can endanger the health of the body. Because, cooling the food will bring its own blessings. In addition, health experts say that blowing hot food will actually cause bacteria or viruses that originate from the mouth to move to the food to be consumed. As a result, we are susceptible to diseases caused by these viruses.

Therefore, we must stop the habit of blowing hot food so that our bodies are prevented from various diseases that endanger the body. We can wait for cold food or drink before consuming it.

Those are some examples of essays in various fields of life. Hopefully the above article is useful and can help you in doing tasks related to the argumentation argument. Thank you.


A collection of examples of brief arguments on various topics such as education, environment, economy, culture, health, etc.

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