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5 Android Applications for Finding the Best Water Source

Day by day android applications are constantly being created. Since smartphones use the operating system Android is known by the community, now many applications are found on the Play Store. You can find from the application that is useful until the application is fun in the Play Store.

The app that is quite interesting in the Play Store is the application of springs. Basically, this spring source search application works using sensors on a smartphone. Even in terms of size, this application is relatively small so it doesn't take up a lot of smartphone RAM. If you want to know, here are 5 android apps to find the best water source.

1. Find Water

The concept of this application is that you can find the source of drinking water and other purposes related to water. In this application you will get notifications wherever the location of the water source is located. The sign that there is a water source is to use a symbol in the form of water. If you have found a water source, then just click on the water-shaped symbol, then you will find the full address.

Besides having a feature to find water sources, this application also has a feature to reduce plastic waste, especially for bottled water. This feature will tell you the location to refill drinking water and also the location of water sources that do not use containers.

This application can reach locations throughout the world. It's just that, water sources are easily found more in urban areas.

2. Water Detector Simulator

One of the best applications in finding water sources is the application of Water Detector Simolator. In addition to searching for water source points, this application can also determine whether this water is authentic or not. By using this application, there are features that not only detect the authenticity of water, but also can find out how many water sources are there, how the water quality is in that place, and also how the proportion of water in the area is.

this is due to the magnetic sensor contained in the smartphone. Therefore, to be able to use this application, the smartphone that is used must have a magnetic sensor.

How to search for water sources in the first destination you run this application first. After that, you follow the sensor needle that detects the water source. If you have found the water source you are looking for, you bring up the sensors that are in the application in the area where the water source is found. Later, information will appear regarding the source of water obtained. Examples are the depth and quality of existing water.

3. mWater Explorer

mWater Explorer is another spring source search application. In this application, you will find a water mapping in the area you are occupying. This application also has features similar to the Water Detector Simulator, which is complete information about the source of water found. Examples are the quality of water in the area and its depth.

Another excellent feature of this application is that you can monitor water sources in your area. that way, you can find out whether there is an addition of a new water source or not.

4. EarthEcho Water Challenge

This application includes applications that focus more on public awareness of clean water sources. This application managed by EarthEcho Internastional invites the public to participate in protecting water sources that are still clean and fresh so they do not become polluted by garbage or waste.

The advantage in this application is accurate information about groundwater in the area. In addition, there is information about the condition of groundwater in the area. In this application also comes with photos of the condition of the water source. That way, you will find it easier to find the indicated water source.

5. mWater Surveyor

mWater Surveyor has the same name as mWater Explorer. Besides having similarities in tracking the location of water sources in the area. The mWter Surveyor application has better data than mWater Explorer. In this application there is also information about the water system used in the area, communities that care about water sources, even to information on facilities that support water sources that are often consumed. Plus this application can be used in regions of the world and already supports 14 languages.

That is 5 android applications to find the best water source. Human awareness of spring resources encourages people to do various ways to preserve it, including by utilizing the functions of technology and communication in life . With these applications, it is hoped that the surrounding community will care more. Because the presence of clean water can prosper the living things that exist on earth. Hopefully this article will benefit you all.


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