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5 Advantages And Disadvantages of Windows 10, Here's Full Explanation

Pros and Cons of Windows 10 – Windows is one of the OS (Operating System) is incentive to issue new products. One of its latest products today is Windows 10. This latest version of Windows is staying as a version of Windows that can be compatible on all types of devices.

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The following advantages possessed by OS Windows 10

You should consider carefully before upgrading Windows. Notice what are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 itself. Do you need to upgrade or better stick it out in older versions of Windows? While the advantages of Windows 10 are as follows:

1. Windows 10 is handled with full power by Microsoft

The first advantage of your consideration before upgrading Windows 10 is that Windows 10 is taken care of with full power by Microsoft. This is of course Microsoft will treat a different than the old versions of Windows. As the latest Microsoft operating system that has brought the concept change to Windows as a Service. Microsoft has spent a lot of energy and time to develop Windows 10.

As proof that Windows 10 has got full support from Microsoft is the development of Windows 10 will be felt very quickly from time to time. Windows 10 continues to be developed to keep up with current developments and changes.

2. Features of Windows 10 can be said to be more modern

Features owned by Windows 10 is certainly more modern than older versions of Windows. As a modern operating system then the features of Windows 10 are very up-to-date. Features Windows 10 tailored to the present trend. The proof of Windows 10 synced with the cloud through OneDrive. Windows 10 settings continue to sync between devices. The majority of the features of Windows 10 always carry the concept always sync so it is very easy to access the user in the era of cloud and internet as it is today

3. Windows 10 is very powerful for those who love to play games

Are you a gamer? If the current operating system you are using is a legacy version of Windows, then it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10. Because Windows 10 is designed specifically for users who will play the game crazy. The best current operating system for a gamer is Windows 10.

Windows 10 comes with powerful and optimized DirectX 12 for today's hardware. In addition, Windows 10 also comes with Game Mode settings that can improve performance when you play the game

4. Windows 10 is more secure

Another advantage of Windows 10 than the older version is in the security sector. Windows 10 security system no doubt. Many security features contained in Windows 10 which is certainly not found in older versions of Windows. A small example is Windows 10 has a Windows Hello feature that allows users to lock Windows 10 with a fingerprint or retina scanner. Amazingly, Windows 10 can unlock using Samsung smartphone fingerprint.

Another security system that is not less great is Windows Defender. With the Windows Defender then you do not have to worry again with viruses and malware. That way you no longer need to install other Anti Virus. The look of Windows Defender is very similar to Microsoft Security Essentials and this is indeed a developmental application of MSE.

In fact, Microsoft plans to add a security system in Windows 10 is a folder protection feature. This feature will keep your important data immune from ransomware attacks.

5. Windows 10 has a maximum Touchscreen support

Actually this touchscreen feature is not only contained in Windows 10 alone, this feature has begun to be applied Microsoft in the era of Windows 8. But the touchscreen feature in Windows 10 has more support than Microsoft than Windows 8. Touchscreen feature which is contained in Windows 10 is more supportive of the latest touchscreen devices today either tablets, laptops, or hybrid.

Windows 10 is already optimized for touchscreen. That way if you have a touchscreen device, then Windows 10 is the best operating system you can use right now.

Read Also: 3 How To Overcome "In Windows 10 [19659004] Does Windows 10 have flaws? Of course there is. Behind the advantages that I have described above, there is also a lack of Windows 10.

Here are the 5 shortcomings of Windows 10 that you should know

In addition to having many advantages, Windows 10 also has some shortcomings. This can be an important recommendation before you upgrade to Windows 10. What are the shortcomings of Windows 10? Here is the explanation:

1. Use of Windows 10 is difficult

The first drawback of Windows 10 is its difficult use. So that the actual Windows 10 has a purpose to simplify users it is difficult to operate. For the layman will feel hard to operate this Windows 10. However, different story if Windows 10 operated by people who are familiar with the computer world.

This is very different from their previous version of Windows 7. In Windows 7 version of the display used makes the user easier to use it. So that the layman can also use it. But unfortunately the ease of use this is not maintained in Windows 10. No wonder many users who choose to keep using Windows 7 or Windows 8 because of constrained problems of use

2. Windows 10 has not yet been designed

The version of Windows 10 seems to be launched with an unfinished design mode. So it makes less than optimal performance. Even many who mention if spending Windows 10 this as a form of Windows test market. This is because the Windows version of this one is outstanding when not final. Things are often added by Windows. Making it unsuitable for your everyday use. Because many systems crash with this version of Windows. Though this is expected as one version of Windows that will provide various updates to complement the previous version of Windows.

3. Windows 10 too often changes

The shortcomings of Windows 10 next is the frequent changes that occur. So Windows 10 often has to be updated. The features are not yet optimal so the Windows continues to improve through the system update. Scheduled updates are not scheduled. So when there is a new feature that must be perfected at the same time Windows should be updated.

Update in Windows 10 is like a force. Without an update you can not use Windows 10 fully. This is also what causes Windows 10 quite wasteful internet quota because the update is done quite often. Especially without any updates Windows 10 does not want to run optimally. So inevitably the user must update Windows 10.

4. The appearance of Windows 10 often changes

As well as changing features that change frequently, the appearance of Windows 10 also changes frequently. Changes that occur not only small changes, but also big changes compared to the version before the update. Usually what changes is the position of the options. The view along with the user experience is also constantly changing. Rapid changes often make the user more confused when using. But for users who used to use the computer will certainly understand the mechanism of new display changes in Windows 10.

5. The app is not yet widely available at Store

The app that on store in Windows 10 is actually quite a lot. But unfortunately only a few classic applications that have switched to Windows 10. Though these classic applications are usually awaited loyal users to apply in the new Windows. The lack of classic applications that appear in store causes Windows 10 to be not yet optimal.

Although many new applications also appear in Windows store. Most applications in Windows store are UWP applications. The existence of this UWP application allows the program can run on all screen display. However, it feels less than optimal if not added a more complete classic applications. To solve this problem Microsoft actually has invited developers from the classic applications to move to store new Windows.

6 Also Important Things to Prepare Before Installing Windows On Computer

In addition to having many advantages diunggulkan there are some shortcomings of Windows 10 is still a wedge of its users. These deficiencies that cause Windows 10 is less than optimal when compared with other Windows. But, it is expected with increasingly running time and more and more users of Windows 10 these problems can be resolved soon.

Ok maybe that's all the discussion Pros and Cons of Windows 10 . With this writing at least you can be helped, especially those who are still confused determine whether to upgrade the operating system or not. See you again in other cool and interesting articles. Successful greeting always …

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