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4 Ways to Root HP Android with Ease, One Click! (100% Work)

What is root? How to root android? Maybe it's some questions you may not know about. I will try to explain it further about rooting in this article.

As we know that android is an operating system made by Google that has license Open Source where users can tamper or modify it freely. Even so, we can not automatically mengoprek android system on our HP. To do that, first we have to have admin privileges (SuperUser) commonly referred to as root .

Almost all vendors of HP are deliberately locking the bootloader so users are restricted and can not tamper with " innards "of the HP system. One of the reasons why vendors do that is, so that the android system on the HP is still safe and running normally.

How to Root HP Android Easily

In this article I will explain as much detail as possible about how to root HP android by using some popular apps. These applications are Kingoroot, Kingroot, TowelRoot, FramaRoot and others. I will explain some applications only, it is impossible to explain everything, because there are dozens more applications that can be used to ngeroot your android phone.

# 1 Using KingoRoot

The first app we can use to ngeroot HP android is KingoRoot. KingoRoot is a universal application that supports many types of HP android. Here are the steps how to ngeroot HP android with KingoRoot:

1. The first step we have to do is grant permissions or permissions to android phones to install APKs outside the Play Store. To do that, select Settings on your android phone.

 how to root hp

2. Scroll a little down, then select Security . Anyway you select the existing posts Security or Security .

 Step 0b - root android

3. Then check the Unknown sources option so that we can install the APK outside the Play Store.

 how to root hp android

4. Then open the browser on your HP, here I use Google Chrome. Visit following link to download KingoRoot. Then click Download for Android to download the APK file.

 Step 1 - root android

5. If you have downloaded, open the file and click Install .

 root android

6. KingoRoot is already installed, then click Open .

 Step 3 - root android

7. Here's the interface of the KingoRoot app. Uncheck the option Install recommended app then click One Click Root .

 how to ngeroot hp

8. Wait for the rooting process to complete.

 Step 5 - root android

9. Here we all install his SuperUser in order to modify the system of an application installed on your HP. If you get a notification like this, click Install Anyway .

 Step 6 - root android

10. If it says " Root Succeeded ", it means that HP android has been successfully dug up.

 how to root HP android with kingroot and kingoroot

11. If you still do not believe that your HP has been diroot or not, you can check it using Root Checker . Download and install via Play Store ( following link ) then open the app. Next click Verify Root .

 Step 8 - root android

12. Click Allow if it gets a notification like this.

 Step 9 - root android

13. If you get the words " Congratulation … " is green, then your HP android is successfully diroot. But if you get the text " Sorry … " then it means HP android have not / failed diroot.

 Step 10 - root android

Successfully diroot

 Step 11 - root android

Failed or not yet diroot

That's the tutorial on how to root HP android with ease. Root is only a SuperUser access that is used for several purposes such as installing applications that require root access such as Link2SD, Root Explorer, Titanium Backup, DiskDigger and so forth. Maybe some people are wondering whether rooting will remove the warranty?

To my knowledge, only a few manufacturers will not void the warranty to rooting users such as OnePlus and Oppo ( read here ). But if the rooting activity resulted in hardware broken then you should be heartened because your HP warranty will be canceled / fall.

Therefore, before rooting your HP android, make sure you already know the risk you will get after rooting. But for some people, they are not too confused about HP's warranty, which is important they "free" mengoprek, modify, custom ROM, unlocking bootloader and do other cool things on their android phone.


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