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4 Ways to Get Rid of Links That Are Not Allowed on Instagram

Maybe some of you
have experienced unpleasant things when using Instagram. Mukai
hacked accounts, rarely get followers, until you do not
can get permission to link to others.

Specifically for sending
links are usually often done by business people working in
Instagram. The rejection made by Instagram is of course without reason. Some
The reason for refusing permission from the Instagram party is the account used
considered a spam account or an account that has misused certain links. There is
several ways that must be done so that the link can be allowed by Instagram. To
find out, here are his reviews.

1. Using Authorized Apps

The first method that can be tried
is to delete certain applications using authorized apps. Generally,
when we use an application from a third party, the Instagram account will
log in automatically using the application.

To be able to delete the application
that is already connected with an Instagram account, then we can use
authorized apps found on Instagram. In it, you will see
any application that is always installed on your Instagram account.

For its own way is enough
easy. First, first enter your Instagram application
own. Can be through an Android smartphone or through a browser on your PC.
If you have entered into an Instagram account, please enter the profile
Instagram. In it you have to press the settings button.

After entering inside
profile settings, look for the authorized apps option. If you have found it,
please press and then you will go to the authorized apps page. In the
The authorized apps page, you press the Revoke Access section. Revoke Access function
This is the place to revoke all the applications that are already connected to your account. When it's done, we are
proceed to the next stage.

2. Changing the Instagram password

Surely you think why
do you need to change the password? Please note that several applications
used as a third party will always carry out activities such as
spamming activities. All activities are carried out automatically
use this access token. In other words. Even though we don't
any activity on Instagram, but the system inside will remain
proceed as usual because it still uses the account that we used earlier.

Also note that
access token itself is divided into two types. First is token access
permanent and also access token that has expired. If the application user
still continue to use the expired token access system, automatically access
Your token will be changed to newer just by changing the password
only. if the token access has changed, then the third party application too
will not run automatically anymore. That way, your account will be protected from
alleged spamming.

However, it is different
the story is if the user uses an application that accesses the token system
permanent. Because, this type of access will continue to run as usual despite the password
and the username has been changed. Therefore, several social media applications
others often give a warning if the account used is accessible
by tokens.

3. Change Instagram username

If changing the password is still not enough, then changing the username can be your next choice. Some cases also show that sometimes changing usernames can affect automatic spamming by third-party applications. However, this method can be said to be only temporary. if spamming has stopped active, then you can use the old username again. Usually spamming will stop after two days of changing the username. If the e-mail used has been changed, you can easily learn how to restore an Instagram account whose e-mail has been changed .

4. Report to Instagram

If several ways above
it still doesn't change anything, so the last way that can be taken is
reporting on Instagram. Instagram itself has indeed provided it
the facilities needed for its users if they have problems. In the
Instagram itself does apply strict rules against spamming. That matter
aims to provide comfort to every Instagram user.

For how to do it
report, first login first on your own Instagram account. Can through
smartphone or through a computer browser. If so, try clicking the button
follow on anyone's account so that a message appears later. If a message appears,
please click "Report a Problem". If it is already
pressing the button, please wait for the process.

Usually the handling process itself can reach 2 x 24 hours. After that time, your account can be used as usual again. If the account is back to normal, don't repeat the same mistake. Because, later on the account will automatically be permanently banned if caught again problematic. For example, you can see Instagram features that were hit by shadowban which was not realized.

That's how to get rid of links that aren't allowed on Instagram easily. Hope it can be useful.


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