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4 Ways to Fix an Internet Connection on a Troubled Android!

The number of smartphone users has made famous companies compete to produce the most sophisticated products. This smartphone is clearly inseparable from human life especially with the internet. The term is useless, advanced cellphones but no internet quota.

After the internet has been connected, users can access anything through the browser. But, not always the internet connection is always fast and easily available. The problem that is often experienced by android users is internet connection which is interrupted suddenly because it has passed a location that is not reachable by a network or network that suddenly changes from 4G to 3G.

Then, how fix internet connection on Android? Come on, see the explanation on how to fix an internet connection on Android below.

4 Ways to Fix an Internet Connection on Android

1. Airplane mode

When the internet connection is problematic, one way to do this is to deactivate airplane mode.

1. Turn on network data on your smartphone.

 How to Repair an Internet Connection

2. Then, select airplane mode to activate airplane mode. Wait a few minutes, then turn off the airplane mode. This method is quite ambitious and proved successful to restore a problematic internet connection


2. Restart

1. First, long press key on your smartphone. Next, two choices will appear. Select the menu reboot to turn off

 How to Repair an Internet Connection

2. Second, touch the screen at the bottom of the cellphone, then swipe up (swipe up) to display the notification bar, then click on the reboot menu.

 how to resolve troubleshoot internet connections

3. Enter APN manually

In this section, you can enter APN manually on the smartphone according to the provider card you are using. Each provider card has a different APN. For more details, how to enter APN manually you can see here .

4. VPN reset

1. First, open the notification bar display on your smartphone. Then, click the logo settings as shown below.


2. Second, select the menu dual cards and mobile networks then select APN .

 How to Repair an Internet Connection

3. Third, to reset all APNs that have been made, click Reset to Default . Furthermore, the APN will be returned to the original settings.

 how to fix an internet connection on Android

Quite easy, right? Now you don't have to worry if at any time your internet is in trouble even though the internet quota is still a lot. You can try several ways to improve the internet connection on Android above to restore the network on Android. Thank you and hopefully useful!


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