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4 Ways to Extend AXIS's Life Fast & Fast!

Is it an active period? Active period is the period of usage of mobile card before entering grace period. Well, usually AXIS card grace period is up to 30 days and if within 30 days you have not reactivated then your AXIS card will be blocked. And the only way when your card is blocked is taking care of your AXIS card at the nearest XL Center in your city. Therefore, you should do the charging pulse before it is in the grace period.

However, what if your AXIS card has passed or is approaching the active period? The solution is to extend the life of your AXIS card. If you still want to use your AXIS card, then renew its active life before it is blocked. Of course it would be a pity if your AXIS card that still contains pulses, bonuses sms and phone or internet package, is blocked because it passes the grace period.

AXIS parties provide convenience to AXIS users to reactivate their card through extended card life. For more details on how to extend AXIS's active life, please refer to the explanation below

You can extend the life of your AXIS Card by filling in the pulse, sharing the credit, purchasing internet packages, calling or SMS and buy an active period. Steps on how to extend AXIS's active life can be found in the following explanation.

1. Charge Pulse

By filling in the credit, you can simultaneously extend your active life in accordance with applicable terms. You can charge your AXIS card at the nearest pulse counter. Below are the provisions for the extension of the active period in accordance with the nominal filling pulse.

Nominal Isi Pulsa Active Period
Rp. 5,000 7 Days
Rp. 10,000 14 Days
Rp. 15.000 21 Days
Rp. 25.000 35 Days
Rp. 30.000 45 Days
Rp. 50.000 75 Days
Rp. 100.000 150 Days
Rp. 300.000 200 Hari

If you are classified as very rare using a pulse then the prolongation of the active period by charging the pulse can be said to be quite extravagant.

2. Sharing the Credit with AXIS or Other XL Users

In addition to purchasing credit, you can also extend AXIS's active life by sharing credit with other AXIS or XL users in accordance with applicable terms. So, when you share credit with other users then automatically your lifetime will increase. Where, transactions can be made with a minimum credit of Rp 5,000 and also the recipient can only accept pulse shipments of up to 20 transactions per day.

Below are the terms of the active term extension in accordance with the nominal pulse distributed.

Nominal Pulsa Period Active Costs Submit To XL Cost Submit To AXIS
1 – 2,999 1 Day 1,000 1,500
3,000 – 9,999 3 Days 1,000 [19659011] 1,500
10,000 – 24,999 5 Days 1,000 1,500
25,000 – 49,999 10 Days 1,000 1,500
50,000 – 99,999 15 Days 1,500 2,000
100,000 – 200,000 30 Days 2,000 3,000
200,001 – 300,000 60 Days 3,000 4,500
] 300,001 – 500,000 60 Days 4,000 5,500
500,001 – 1,000,000 60 Days [19659] 011] 5,000 6,500

3. Buy Package Internet, Phone or SMS

You can also extend your active life by purchasing internet, phone or SMS packets. This method is a way that is often used by AXIS users who routinely use the internet. There are various types of internet, phone or SMS packages offered by AXIS. The price of each package offered also varied. Choose a package that suits your needs. Generally, the active period offered is around 30 days.

How do I extend my active life through purchases of internet, phone or SMS packets? In this article, I will explain how through AXISnet application. Notice the steps below.

1. Open the AXISnet app you have installed.

2. On the AXISnet home page, select / tap menu Buy Package as shown below.

 how to extend the active axis

3. There are many types of internet packages, phone or SMS that you can choose. For example you can see in the picture below

 how to extend the active axis

4. For example, I selected IRIT Internet BRONET Package . Tap / select the package you want.

 how to extend the active axis

5. Well, you will be directed to select the BRONET package you want. Tap the BUY if you want to buy it.

 package AXIS 1

4. Buying AXIS Active Period

In addition to the above three ways, you can try other ways to buy an active period. There are several choices of active periods that you buy. You do not need to fill credit to extend the active period, you can redeem your credit with the active period. How to buy AXIS card's active life? Notice the steps below.

1. Open the Messaging app on your phone.

2. Type Active in your message and send a message to 8484 as shown below.

 Extend active period via SMS

3. Next, it will automatically show a selection of active periods that you can buy. Select the option you want and enter your choice. Tap Send .

 select the extension of active period

4. Wait until your request has been processed.

 how to extend the lifetime of the axis with pulses

5. If the request is successfully processed then AXIS will send an SMS containing the addition of an active period corresponding to your choice.

These are some ways to extend AXIS's life easily and quickly . To extend my active life, I prefer to buy internet packages because it is cheaper and as needed (I mostly use the internet). Hopefully the above article useful and good luck. Thanks!


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