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4 Ways to Edit PDF Files The Easiest Scan Results

When you go to college, maybe you've someday found a book that supports your college assignments. Well then, you do not want to borrow the book because that only quoted from the book is only a few parts. If you are photographed, you will inevitably have to retype the text from the photo. Let's not complicated, you can do some how to convert JPG files to PDF on Android that we previously discussed.

Well, after you do the ways we've discussed it, you found that there are some text in a book that is not readable by an online application or converter site, so when you look at the results of its scan in PDF, there is some text from an invisible book. Starting from the wrong word read, or there are words that are missing several letters. Therefore, in this article, we will provide information about how to edit the scanned PDF file.

All the ways we will discuss below using OCR technology. What the heck is OCR? OCR (short for Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that works to scan the text on the image and convert it into a modifiable text file. This technology is usually a supporting feature in scanners. With OCR technology, scans that have handwritten text, typewriter writing, or computer typed text can be manipulated. Text scanned with OCR can be searched per word or per sentence. Any text found can be manipulated, replaced, or even bar coded.

In a way, this article is a continuation of our previous article. Instead of steady tuh if after the book was photographed, then scanned, then the scan results are less improved? So, we will provide information about how to edit the scanned PDF file to you below:

1. Using Software

This first way is to use a special software PDF editor scanned results that have been widely released on the internet. Here are the software:

This software is arguably one of the best OCR software we recommend, because the level of accuracy is very large, which can reach 99.8%. In addition, this software is able to maintain the original format of the document section. The title, content, and format of the text will be converted to an editable Word document.

This software also supports all image formats, including Photoshop files (.PSD). In addition, this software is only available for devices that have Windows OS installed and you can download it for free.

This software requires Google Tesseract OCR Engine to work. Even so, this software has a good look. Reader in this software can work very well because it can detect page layout automatically. Or if there is a cluttered text layout, you can customize it yourself.

Scanned text results are placed on the right side of the screenshot or scanned documents, allowing you to match text scans with previous scans. But this way is not included for basic text editing as well as text spell checker. Eitsss, you can actually do that if you download a suitable dictionary.

This OCR software has two main functions. First, you can use it as a screenshot tool that can take pictures and copy them as text to the Windows clipboard. So, you can paste the text anywhere you want. Second, this software has Voice Recognition technology that can change speech words to text. Unfortunately, this feature is still not perfect, so you do not expect more on this feature. Moreover, the feature usually only works for English only.

This OCR software is only available for Windows OS only. In addition, this software can only be used for older versions of Windows Vista. Meanwhile, for Windows XP down, you can still use this application by installing some additional add-ons.

FreeOCR can work for TWAIN scanners, PDF files, and TIFF images, and the resulting text output will be a Microsoft Word file . To be able to use this software, you must also download the Google Open Source Tesseract OCR engine (which is also required by gImageReader software).

Well, here are the ways to use Free OCR. If you use other OCR software, you can customize the ways below with the software you use.

  • Download and install Free OCR on your Windows computer or laptop.
  • Run Free OCR.
  • Choose Load PDF , and enter the pdf scanned file to edit the text
  • Select the Page menu to select what page you want to edit the text, Then zoom in to 200%, and select the OCR menu
  • Wait until the OCR process is complete.
  • The scanned PDF file has now changed to text. Do not forget to rectify the OCR results. Usually, if the text image is blurred or unclear, then the text will be a bit messy. That's why you use this OCR, that is to correct the messy results.

2. Using Microsoft Office OneNote

In addition to using some of the software we discussed above, it turns out Microsoft Office has the feature to convert the scanned PDF file into text form. These features can be found in Microsoft OneNote. Here's how to use it:

  • For those who have installed Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneNote can be directly used. If not, see how to install Microsoft Office on our site.
  • Open the software and create a new document by pressing Ctrl + N on the keyboard.
  • Select "Insert Picture" menu, then choose image of the scan you want to change the text, then right click and select "Copy Text from Picture"
  • Then try pasting in word processing application, like Notepad or Microsoft Word.

3. Using Online Sites

If you are lazy to install additional software, you can also use the OCR online service. One of the sites that provides this feature is Free Online OCR. This site can help you to convert PDF documents, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and DjVu image files into text form. In addition, this online application can also display the OCR in accordance with the page layout of the documents you have. How to edit a scanned PDF file is quite easy. You simply open the site from this app, then upload the file you want to text. After the conversion process is complete, you can see the OCR results below the image of the document you uploaded. You can also download the conversion results by clicking the download button, or doing the translation language mengugnakan Google Translate, Bing Translator, and do the editing online

4. Paid Software

One how to convert JPEG to PDF this one has a resemblance to point number one, that is, using software. The difference, the software that we will use this is paid software, namely Nitro PDF Pro. So, for those of you who use Nitro PDF Pro as PDF readernya software, you do not need to bother to install OCR software again. Then if the Nitro PDF you installed there is no such feature how? Well, upgrade dong to Pro version. Okay, here are the ways:

  • Prepare the JPG file to convert to pdf text.
  • Right-click the JPG file you want to change, select "Convert to PDF with Nitro". Wait until the conversion is complete
  • When done, next file will automatically open in Nitro. Then click on the "Edit" tab, select OCR.
  • Make sure the Output Type is "Edittable Text" or choose "Make Searchable and Editable". Finally, click OK.
  • Wait until the process is complete.
  • When finished will open a new tab OCR results. Now you can copy the text to a text-processing application like Microsoft Word, Notepad, and others.
  • However, if you want to convert all files into Word, then you just Export to Word by pressing Ctril + Shift + W and select "Convert".
  • Or you can access it through Home menu> Convert To Word. Next will appear the window "Convert PDF to Word", then press "Convert".
  • Wait for the conversion process is complete
  • Done, now the converted file will open in the form of Word.

The ways above are also some how to move PDF files to Word which we discussed earlier on this site.

If images, f ile PDF, or scan results are not readable by OneNote software or OCR software, usually this is because the position of the image (letters or numbers in the picture) is not erect or tilted). Therefore, you should edit the image or scan using one of various graphics softwares to make the position more upright. Because in principle, doing a scan and a direct photo is the same. Perbedannya only on quality alone.

So far this article about how to edit the scanned PDF file. Hopefully this article can be your inspiration.


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