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4 Ways to Clean Up PC Disk Space Easily

As PC usage increased considerably, many users were unaware that this activity increased the amount of memory in the PC hard disk. Especially if you often store files in a PC such as music files, movies, and applications or software installed, the more memory increases. This is also compounded by the age of the PC that has been long. If you don't have funds to upgrade the memory, you can use several Ways to Clean Up Disk Space on the PC.

1. Removing old versions of Windows

When you upgrade from a previous Windows, such as Windows 8 to Windows 10, there is some old data that isn't erased. It aims to backup data if you want to restore Operating System Windows 10 to an earlier version. However, of course the amount of data stored is quite large.

Therefore, if you are
do not need the old operating system data, so follow it
the following ways. first open the settings or Settings. After
it goes to the System section then to Storage.
Then click on the main driver you are using. Will appear later
a list of different categories at once with the amount of data space that has been
used. Just scroll to the "Previous Version of Windows" section. After
find it, just check the box, and click "Remove Files".

2. Clear update cache

General update cache
consists of several copies of the update installation file that was installed on
PC The operating system will reuse this update cache if at any time
later there will be an update from the Windows. Unfortunately, the amount of cache memory
this renewal is huge. Same is the case with the first point about memory
Old Windows.

To clear the cache
renewal is as follows. First enter the renewal menu
Windows Look for the "Service" menu. If you have found, right-click and select "Run
as Administrator ". Later you will enter the list of entries until you
can find the word "Windows Update". After finding it, right click and
select "Stop".

The next process is
delete the file. The trick is to enter using the Run application. Open the application
Run or click the "Windows + R" button. After that enter
"C: Windows SoftwareDistribution " then press Enter. Later, you will enter
into the download folder which contains many files. Delete all downloaded files

3. Delete Hibernation data

Maybe you just found out
hibernation mode on a PC can store some data. Generally, hibernation mode
or hibernate stores data that runs on a PC on the hard disk. Different from
Sleep mode or sleep mode which can save all document data as well
application running on RAM.

If you have ever
using hibernate mode before and don't want to use it again forever,
You can try disabling it. However, you need to understand that with
disable this hibernate mode, then the PC you are using will not be able to
hibernating again. Therefore, try to think about it again.

If you have rounded off
determination not to use hibernate mode, so follow the methods. First
first enter the Command Prompt menu. After you open the Command Prompt menu,
next is to type this sentence, "powercfg.exe -h off" after that press
Enter. Wait a few moments and try to check into the Shutdown section. If it is already
there is no hibernate button, the process has been successful. If you want
cancel the command, then enter the Command Prompt again then type "powercfg.exe
–H ". Later, the hibernate button will reappear.

4. Using Disk Clean up

The next way to clean Disk Space that you can try is to use the Disk Clean up function. This function can delete some of the junk files contained on the hard drive that are not visible. Especially on the hard drive C. This junk file that accumulates comes from activities that we often do when using a PC.

How to use Disk Clean
this up is quite easy. First, choose the hard disk that you use, for example us
use Harddisk C. Next is to right-click and select properties. Next
Select the General tab and there you will see the Disk Cleanup button, just click.
wait a few moments until the scanning process is complete. after the scanning process
finished, next is to select the files that appear and press OK. The files
that appears are the rubbish that is formed when we use a PC. Later
all files that are checked will all be deleted. If so, please check
Harddisk C memory back whether it's reduced or still not there

That's 4 ways to clean up
PC disk space easily. If several methods above are done, however
there is no change on the hard drive, it could be that features hard disk
broken . You can look around tips
choose a good quality internal hard disk and also tips
clean the laptop from junk files if you have a laptop. Hopefully the article
this can have benefits.


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