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4 Ways to Check the iPhone IMEI for Original Distinguishing / KW (Newest 2018)

Who doesn't want to have an iPhone? This medium to top smartphone is indeed in great demand by many people. Because of the many desires to own an iPhone, many people make iphone replicas that are similar to the original iPhone.

If you look at it at a glance, we may not be able to tell which iphone is genuine and where the iphone is replica. But you don't need to be sad, because there are many ways to be sure. One of them is by checking the IMEI on your iPhone.

IMEI is a production code that distinguishes one device from another device so that no device has the same IMEI. Well, usually many people still do not know how to check the IMEI Iphone, maybe you are one of them?

How to Check the Iphone IMEI Easily

So, therefore, I will give you a few ways to check the IMEI Iphone easily, so You are not deceived when you buy an iPhone.

1. Directly from the iphone

The common way to use is to look at it from the iOS operating system itself. Automatically, the IMEI will continue to be attached to the iPhone and will not be able to disappear. If the IMEI on your iPhone disappears, then something is wrong with the iPhone. To check this way, just open Settings / Settings -> General / General -> About this iPhone / About . Then scroll down and look for the IMEI that is right at the bottom of Bluetooth. As shown below:

 How to Check the IMEI Iphone

2. Through Special Code with Dial * # 06 #

This method is very effective because it is not only for checking on the iphone, but can also be used to check on all types of smartphones. Open the menu Calls / Phone like when you want to make a phone call, then type the code * # 06 # . As follows:

 via telephone dial

Then the screen will display the IMEI number of your iphone. As shown below.

 How to Check the IMEI Iphone

3. From the Body Behind the Iphone

The fastest way to check the IMEI on the iPhone is to look directly at the back of the body of your iPhone, because without realizing the IMEI is also located at the bottom of the back of your iPhone. as shown below.

 How to Check the Online Iphone IMEI

4. Through the Back of the Iphone Box

To check the IMEI code can also be seen in Box / box of your iphone, if you buy a used iphone don't forget to ask for the box so you can ensure the authenticity of the iphone.

 How to Check the IMEI Iphone Easily

Now what? already know how to check IMEI Iphone easily. Hopefully this article can be useful for all and will not be fooled when buying an iphone, especially when buying a second iphone. Thank you 🙂


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