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4 Ways to Change Android IP for Free Access

Android is a popular mobile device used by today's society. With Android, people can now reach the internet more easily. This is evident in the number of Android users today more than any other mobile device.

Well, just like accessing the internet on a computer or laptop, Android devices definitely need an IP Address in order to access the internet. Yup, this IP Address can be obtained automatically when the user is connected to a wireless network in the vicinity, either the mobile network operator, or wi-fi network. The function of the IP Address is itself the destination address of the data in the transmission between your device and the website server you are visiting.

However, since the IP Address setting is done automatically, we can not set the IP Address at all . Could be, the IP Address that we get is a "special" IP Address that has some specific settings. For example, restricting access to certain websites, reduced bandwidth, or being blocked by the server. Well, see it, it turns out manually setting IP Address in Android is still needed. But, how to?

Relax, because in this article, we will provide information about how to change the Android IP manually. Rather than be curious, please refer to the information below:

1. Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

The first way is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network application. Yup, VPN is a private network that uses public internet network to mix with other connections. For secure paths, this network is protected by certain protocols that can only run on certain ports.

To be able to enjoy VPN on Android devices, you can use some of the existing VPN apps in the Google Play Store. One of them is the application "Hotspot Shield VPN for Android". Then, as to how to use this app on your Android device, here are the ways:

  • Download and install the "Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy Free" app on the Google Play Store
  • Then open the app and select " Yes, protect my connection! "
  • Next, you will see a pop up permission from Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy Free to request permission for your Internet access. Check the "I trust this application" then tap OK.
  • Next, Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy Free will automatically manage all Internet network configurations and also change the IP address on your Android device. If the process is complete, then the message will appear. Then, tap "I got it".
  • Try opening a previously inaccessible site on your Android device. If it can open, you have successfully opened a website that was not able to be opened because it is blocked.

2. Turbo VPN

In addition to the applications discussed above, there are other applications that use VPNs as a way of changing your Android IP, the Turbo VPN app. Of course, this way is also not much different from the first way, and its function is also equally to change the IP Address on your Android device. Here are the ways:

  • Download the first Turbo VPN app on Google Play Store. Then, install the app on your Android device.
  • Once the installation is complete, then open the app on your Android device. (Yes, the period on someone else's Android device does hehehe)
  • Tap on the carrot icon to start the scanning process. Make sure your Android device is connected to the internet when it wants to start this process
  • Then Turbo VPN will request permissions via pop up window to monitor your internet network traffic. To allow, tap OK.
  • Then, this application will start doing the scanning process. Wait a while.
  • If the scanning process is complete, then you will connect to the internet using a different IP address.
  • If you want to change your IP address, you can touch the flag icon located on the top right corner of your Android device's screen. Then you can choose the country flag icon to your liking.
  • If you have selected the country as you wish, then you can re-access previously blocked sites
  • If you want to restore your Android device's IP address as usual , how to select the X, then Disconnect.

3. FlyVPN

Similar to the two applications described above, FlyVPN will change the IP address on your Android device using VPN network settings. Here's how to use this app:

  • Download the FlyVPN app on the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, install the app
  • Open the FlyVPN app
  • Select "Please choose a VPN server" to choose which country server to use as VPN on your Android device.
  • Select the server or address you want choose as the location of the IP address on your Android device. If you have found the desired server, select the server.
  • Next, the view will return to the start menu. The difference is, the server is filled by one of the countries that you have selected. To start connecting with a VPN, touch the power button in the app
  • Next there will be a pop up or notification that contains a warning. The goal is to ask your permission for the FlyVPN application to monitor your internet connection. Check "I believe this app" and select OK.
  • Wait for the process to connect your Android device with the selected server. If there is already a key image next to the signal indicator, then that's a sign, you've managed to connect to the VPN network.

For the record, all three ways above are only temporary. That is, the IP address you get from these three applications is only temporary. If you disconnect or shut down this app, then the IP address on your Android device will come back to normal.

4. Setting Manual

If the three ways to change the Android IP above prefer the use of VPN network, this way you will slightly change the DNS configuration. And this way is meant if you use wi-fi connection on your Android device.

What is DNS? DNS is a system that translates IP addresses into site addresses that are easily recognized by people. For example, the server IP address of a website is With DNS, the IP address can be accessed if you type in the address "www.dosenit.com" in your device browser. Thus, the DNS function is a bridge for network devices with humans as users.

Then, how do I change the configuration of IP addresses on an Android device connected wi-fi network? Here are the steps:

First open the settings on your Android device. Then, select "WiFi" (enable if not already). Touch long enough on the SSID or network name you want to change, then select "Modify network config".

You could say how to change the IP Address dynamic to static but done on Android. So, just like setting the IP Address configuration in Windows, change the IP address settings as below:

Proxy: None
IP Address: adjust to the network you use.
Gateway: adjust network You

  • DNS 1 & DNS 2: / (Google DNS)

    If so, save the settings.

    Things you should look at, for charging IP addresses, please customize it with the wifi network in your place. For example, the IP address on your laptop is So for Android, you can set it to 192.168.53.YYY (replace YYY with numbers other than those in laptop IP address and other IP if there are other devices connected more than one).

    Then, for gateway settings, adjust to IP address of wifi server. How to know the wifi gateway on Android you can see from the previous example. From that example, the server IP address is the laptop IP address (

    How to check IP address in Command Prompt is with ifconfig command.

    Keep in mind, that all the ways we have discussed above may not necessarily solve all Android problems that can not connect to hotspot laptop or can not access the internet. To determine the IP address used, you can ask the network admin at your place. Or if you want to create your own hotspot on your laptop, you can check it by typing "ipconfig / all" in Command Prompt (CMD).

    All of our articles about how to change IP android. We hope that our way can benefit all of you who have Android devices.

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