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4 Ways to Activate Wifi on Laptop / Computer Quickly!

Along with technological advances, WiFi feels so important. Especially for the young when looking for a place tongkrongan, the availability of free WiFi become one of the main factors election place. Already many offices, schools, universities, even public places such as mall and parks already provide free WiFi service. That way we do not have to bother if we do not have data quota.

If we want to take advantage of available WiFi service, of course we also have to have adapters available on our device. On laptops or computers there are usually WiFi features that you can activate to receive WiFi networks.

However, some types of laptops are constrained to enable WiFi devices or the lack of detected WiFi. Well, for that how to enable WiFi on laptop / computer? (19459004) How to Enable Wifi on a Laptop / Computer

Here I explain for a laptop / computer that uses operating system (OS) Windows 7, 8, and 10. The laptop has different variations so how to enable WiFi also vary

Enabling WiFi on a computer can be by clicking on the WiFi icon available on the taskbar, pressing a key on the keyboard, or by adding an adapter, as well as setting others. The description of several ways to enable WiFi on a laptop is as follows.

1. Enable WiFi by Clicking WiFi Icons on the Taskbar

Taskbar is a horizontal or vertical bar located at the bottom or side of the screen. The taskbar consists of Start menu, Middle section, and The notification area . The Start menu is a Windows key icon located in the corner of the taskbar, middle section displays the current application or program.

Next the notification area is an area displaying status, icons such as volume and battery located next to time. Well, in Windows 8 and Windows 10 in particular, the WiFi icon is on the notification area .

 how to enable wifi on laptop

1. To enable WiFi, you can click on the WiFi icon available on the notification area . If not visible, then you can click the up arrow button in the notification area . Possible WiFi icon hidden there. Once clicked it will display a list of available WiFi devices. From that list, you choose which WiFi connection you want by clicking on it.

 click the Wifi button

2. Click for checklist on Connect automatically so you will automatically connect with the WiFi again at a later time. Condition, WiFi on your computer must be in a state On . Enter password if WiFi in question is secured. If not, then you can connect to WiFi by directly clicking Connect . Next will happen the process of connecting WiFi until you connect.

 how to enable wifi on laptop and computer

3. If it is connected then it will appear Connected under name of WiFi that we use. The button will also change to Disconnected .


2. Enable WiFi using the Keyboard

 how to enable wifi on laptop easily

Some keyboards are available special keys to enable WiFi. As for the button there is usually a picture icon WiFi or Plane (plane) and the button is located at the top on keyboard . How to use it is by pressing the button directly or take precedence by pressing the fn followed by pressing the WiFi / Plane [1945900]]

3. Enable WiFi via Windows Mobility Center

This method is done by Windows 7 users. Go to Control Panel click Adjust commonly used mobility settings contained under category Hardware and Sound . Then comes the dialog box Windows Mobility Center which will display the status of some of the features available, including WiFi. There you click Turn wireless o n to activate your WiFi.

4. Enable WiFi using WiFi Adapter

If your WiFi is not already connected then you can enable WiFi by creating a WiFi Adapter. The way is as follows.

1. Go to Control Panel or Settings by clicking the Start menu.

2. Select category Network and Internet then click Networking and Sharing Center . If you're using Windows 10, choose WiFi .

3. In the left-hand column, select Change adapter settings .

4. Right click on the WiFi icon you will use, then select Enable and your WiFi is connected.

The cause of WiFi is not detected

Some causes of WiFi undetected among others are following

1. The WLAN driver is not installed

The main cause of the undetectable WiFi signal is that you have not installed the WLAN / WiFi driver on your laptop. In order for a computer / laptop device such as processor, VGA, WiFi etc. to work normally, then you must install the drivers of each device. To install I have explained in detail through the following article .

2. WiFi service provider problematic or dead

WiFi service provider here can be a modem device. If the modem is problematic or dead, of course this will result in no detection of WiFi. For that, you can check the modem . first to make sure WiFi can connect.

3. Too many devices connected to the WiFi

No detection of WiFi can be caused by the large number of users of the device connected to the WiFi. For that you can overcome this by disconnecting WiFi to other devices, so your device can receive the connection smoothly.

4. The troubled laptop

It is possible if WiFi is not detected due to a problematic laptop. One of the problems that occur is the network connection under the circumstances Airplane fashion . For that, check back your device whether it is in a state to receive WiFi service or not.

5. IP blocked

Although this problem is rare, but this is one cause WiFi is not detected. The solution, you should contact the administrator or network manager who blocked your IP.


To enable WiFi can be done in various ways. Some ways to enable WiFi on the laptop above are some snippets of WiFi activation phase that you can make reference. As for other ways may have a difference, considering the devices we use also vary. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below, yes. Thank you 🙂


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