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4 Kinds of Norms and Examples + Sanctions (Complete)

In our daily lives we are surely inseparable from the norms. Because these norms will make us become someone who can be accepted in certain environments.

In every country has its own norms . But do you know what is meant by the norm? Understanding of Norms is a provision that can regulate human behavior in social life.

Norms in social life also have several kinds. And the existing norms in Indonesia such as politeness norms, moral norms, legal norms, and religious norms. And in this article will explain what are the various norms that exist in Indonesia. The following explanation:

Types of Norms and Examples

Unity can bind all people in an environment, it means that every human being in the area must obey the norms that already apply. And behind these provisions, there is a value which is the basis of human behavior.

Where the norm is an outside element of a provision that can regulate the behavior of every human being in society, while the value is both for those inside and the mental elements behind them. provisions that can regulate such behavior.

Following is an explanation of the various norms that exist in Indonesia along with examples:

1. Courtesy Norms

 Kinds of Courtesy Norms

Courtesy norms are a condition of life that comes from the social relations of people. These norms are also based on various things including propriety, habits, appropriateness that also applies in society.

The norm of decency is also often referred to as norms of courtesy, norms of courtesy, and norms of customs. Actual and also typical courtesy norms will be different between community environment with one another community.

Examples of norms of politeness are:

  1. When going to school, a child must say goodbye first to his parents.
  2. When meeting with a teacher outside the classroom, you should greet with polite words.
  3. A younger person must respect older people.
  4. When studying at school, one should wear clothing neat and also appropriate.

2. Susila Norma

 Kinds of Moral Norms

Susila norm is a rule of life that comes from the conscience of every human being. The norm can also determine which is good and which is bad. Ethical norms will continue to encourage every human being to do good deeds and also prevent humans from doing bad deeds because they are contrary to human conscience to normal.

Following are some examples of moral norms:

  • Must respect others [19659014] Act with honesty
  • Not allowed to steal goods owned by others
  • Cannot kill fellow human beings

3. Legal Norm


Legal norm is a provision deliberately made by officials who have the authority, this norm also has a coercive nature which aims to be able to protect the interests of people or people who are in the community of life in the midst of society . Not only that, this legal norm can also regulate the order of life in a society.

Examples of existing legal norms are, as follows:

  • In Article 362 of the Criminal Code which contains those who have taken an item which all or part of it is owned by another person for the purpose or intention to be owned and unlawfully can be threatened because of committing theft with a maximum imprisonment of 5 years or can be fined at most amounting to sixty million rupiah.
  • In Article 40 paragraph ( 1) Law No. 15 of 2002 which contains every person who has reported a suspected crime, namely money laundering, must be given special protection by the state from all possible threats that could endanger his life, life and property, and also his family. [19659031] There are also many legal norms in Indonesia. But in this article only 2 examples are given. For the rest, you can see it on google.

    4. Religious Norms

     Kinds of Legal Norms

    Religious norms are a provision in life that comes from God Almighty. And its contents take the form of a teaching, commandments to ban. These religious norms also come from God's revelation and also have a fundamental value that can color all kinds of other norms, for example, such as moral norms, legal norms and also norms of decency.

    Examples of religious norms such as the following :

    • We must respect our parents, that is, our father and mother
    • Prohibited from killing fellow human beings
    • Prohibited to commit immorality
    • Prohibited from robbing property of others

    Sanction of Violators

    The norms that exist in this life are made to be obeyed by every human being in the community. But, there must be people who still violate these norms. And here are some sanctions obtained by violators of the norm:

    1. Sanctions Violators of the Norms of Courtesy

    Sanctions that can be obtained if someone violates the norms of courtesy are in the form of reproach from each other, reproach is generally in the form of words, low views of people around him, attitudes of hatred, to be kept away from relationships. This can cause shame, humiliation, isolation and will result in mental suffering.

    2. Sanctions for Susila Violators

    People who have violated moral norms in general will arise in him a guilty conscience. Because the public will insinuate, rebuke, alienate to punish him. The sentence is given when the inhumane act he has committed enters an unlawful act.

    3. Sanctions Violating Legal Norms

    Sanctions to be given from these legal norms have a real and also strict nature. This was stated firmly because the sanctions of all the rules that had been violated had been made in a statutory regulation.

    4. Sanctions Violators of Religious Norms

    These religious norms will provide slightly loose sanctions in the world. That is because the highest authority to impose sanctions is in the hands of God Almighty. Generally, a saint has authority that is both a reminder and a conveyer of truth, but not a punishment. Thus, a warning from a religious leader is the most frequently sanctioned

    Although the sanction is loose, violators of the norm will continue to be subject to social sanctions, especially if they are in a religious society. These people tend to be able to perceive that violators of these norms will be weak and the knowledge of religious knowledge is also lacking.

    Thus the article describes the types of norms along with examples and also sanctions for violators of the norm. With these norms, it is hoped that Indonesia will get better and move forward. These norms will limit everyone to do good and not harm any party. And hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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