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4 How to Check Your Own XL Number Easily & Quickly (Latest 2018)

Until now, mobile phones are electronic devices that are generally owned by every person and always taken wherever the person goes. Most people will find it difficult to even feel anxious or uncomfortable if they do not bring their mobile phone with them either for communication purposes (sms, phone, chat), information (browsing), transactions, entertainment (games, videos, pictures) or anything else [19659002] Well, every mobile phone must have a mobile card for communication purposes (sms and phone), internetan and others. Therefore, you will need to know and update information about your mobile card whether it is a card number, internet quota, or SMS & call bonus. You must have heard of XL cards, have not you?

Or you may be a user of the XL card itself. As we all know, the XL starter packs provide some cheap and cost-effective nelpon and sms packages like the Xtra Talk package. To facilitate communication, you must know your XL card number, right? Not everyone knows the card number they use. Therefore, in this article, I will explain how to check XL number easily and quickly. For more details, see the explanation below

How to Check Your Own XL Number?

How to check XL number yourself can be done through Dial, application that you can download in playstore, can also through XL website. The three ways I will discuss in full, you can listen to the steps below:

1. Check Number Via Dial

What is Dial? Dial means you press a button on the phone board or dial a specific number from a cell phone directly. Well, to check XL number via Dial, there are several ways you can do is:

A. The First Way

1. Type * 123 # on the Dial up board, then press Call (phone keypad).

 how to check number xl

2. Then select Number 7 which is "OTHER INFO" > Number 1 "My XL Card Info" > Number 1 "Your XL Number Details" > Number 1 > Number 1 "Info Number" > Your XL card number will be displayed as shown below.

 check the number xl

B. The Second Way

1. Type * 123 * 7 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 # on the dial-up board as shown below. After that press Call (phone keypad).

 how to check number xl

2. After that, it will immediately display your XL card number as shown below.

 XL Card Number

2. Check Via Number of Applications

XL also provides an application that presents various information about XL cards such as internet package info, card number or SMS & call bonus. Here are the steps to check XL number through application

1. First you must install myXL app via Play Store or App Store .

 check XL number 1

2. After that, open the app and create a new account either via phone number or facebook as shown below. Here I choose Entry with Number XL .

 how to check number xl

3. After you successfully log into your account, the main page of the myXL app will be displayed as shown below. You can see your card number under "Welcome". Not only that, you can check the internet quota, buy the package, for the pulse, or the contents of the pulse through this application.

 number XL

3. Check Number Via Web

In addition to myXL application, you can also check the number via official website XL ie my.xl.co.id. XL web view is similar to myXL application display. How to do it

1. First, type my.xl.co.id in your browser.

2. Then you will be directed to the main web page my.xl.co.id and the results will look like in the picture below. You can see your card number under the words " Welcome ".

 check number XL 0

4. Check Number via Operator

Well, the last way I will share that is via the Operator is by calling the call customer service XL or send an email to the operator XL. For more details, note the explanation below.

a. Call Center XL

You can call XL call center number 818 and 817. If you call 818 then you will be connected to IVR ( Interactive Voice Response ) or answering machine and free of charge (free).

Meanwhile, if you call 817, you will be connected to a 24-hour customer service representative who serves all the questions and complaints about XL. This service charges Rp350 per call.

b. Faximile and PSTN Number

What if you do not directly use the XL number to contact the operator? Well, you can use the PSTN number is +62 21 579 59817 with rates that are adjusted to the latest rates of each operator. If you need information in the form of images or reports, you can call +62 21 579 59808 via having a fax machine or faximile

c. E-mail

In addition to the above, you can send a message to XL operator via E-mail via this email or you can contact XL staff via Corporate Communication email to [email protected]

Those are some ways to check your own XL number easily and quickly . For personal use, I prefer to install myXL app or open its URL in the browser to get information about my XL card because sometimes there is operation timeout when checking via Dial. Hopefully the above article useful and good luck. Thank you!


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