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4 Easy Check-Up of Original or Counterfeit Samsung HP (100% Accurate)

Samsung, one of the giant mobile phone vendors that everyone will know the brand. In fact, most people use Samsung phones instead of other brands. Yep, because the Samsung brand is already famous since the past. Remember the Samsung brand is very popular, many unscrupulous elements who abuse it by making products KW / replica, the outside just look the same but the inside (hardware) is much different from the original.

As I have said before that the KW / replica product can be the same as the original, start the body or software, but not in terms of hardware. Therefore, when you buy a mobile phone, you must check it first, original or not, the specifications are appropriate or not and so forth. This is not only true on Samsung brand, but all brands of mobile phones that are in the market.

4 Ways to Check Genuine or Fake Samsung HP

In this article we will discuss about how to check samsung original or fake hp (replicas) that are rarely known by many people. Make sure you read this article in sequence, starting from the first way up to the fourth way.

# 1 Make sure the IMEI on the Phone is the same as the one in Dus

The first thing you should check is the similarity IMEI number between existing mobile phones and those in the boxes. For how to check IMEI you can see below:

1. Press * # 06 # then Call (press the phone key).

 how to check real or fake samsung hp

2. Will appear on your IMEI information consisting of IMEI1 and IMEI2 (some phones have IMEI only, no problem). Please match the IMEI contained on your phone with the one in the box. Make sure it's the same, if not, your HP samsung probably is not genuine or fake.

 how to check hp samsung

# 2 Check Your Samsung Phone Type via Website

The second is checking type your Samsung phone, whether its type according to what you have or not. We can prove it in the following way:

1. Visit IMEI.info site to check your Samsung phone type. Enter your IMEI in the fields provided. Check I'm not a robot then click Check .

 check original samsung hp 5

2. Will display information about your HP type and vendor (brand) from HP. Make sure the model is more or less the same as your Samsung mobile phone, and most importantly in Brand labeled SAMSUNG to prove that your HP brand is Samsung.

 original samsung hp check 6

3. For information on your Samsung HP specifications you can also see on the right side, in this table you can find out your HP Samsung specs like release year, HP weight, SIM type used, battery capacity and so on. If you would like more information on Samsung's specifications you can click Samsung Read more ..

 how to check hp samsung

# 3 Check out your Samsung Handphone Made Country Mana

The third is to check your Samsung phone or HP made in which country. How to? Check out the steps below:

1. Still on page IMEI.info . So like this, the IMEI code actually consists of several numbers that have meaning. Consider the 7th digit same 8th digit on your mobile IMEI.

 check hp samsung original 8

2. Both digits are codes where the phone is made, whether it's in Europe, China, America and so forth. The full table you can see below:

 table HP Samsung

In the table above, my Samsung phone is made in Europe. It could be on your HP made in other countries, not in Europe. What is the quality of each country can be different? Hmmm I've read in some articles if produced in country A the quality is very good, if in country B the quality is normal and if country C quality is bad.

I do not really agree about this, because the Samsung certainly implement the SOP that can be spelled out the same in each country and before the market is definitely tested first.

So the question of quality depends on, because surely there are some defective products on the market, not only experienced Samsung, but also other vendors such as Asus , LG, Oppo and others.

Whereas my mobile phone is manufactured in country X, really in the writing box "Made in Indonesia"?

So this way, in Indonesia enacted TKDN rules for 4G phones so inevitably mobile phone vendors must satisfy 20% of the local content, either from its components or only the assembly process.

But as far as I know, the main components are from ne gara other while assembling until marketing is done in Indonesia. So do not be surprised if many mobile phone vendors are starting to establish a branch company in Indonesia. Therefore, on the box read "Made in Indonesia", until here understand it?

# 4 Testing on Your Mobile Phone Hardware

The last one we will test the components / hardware on your phone, such as LCD screen test, vibration (vibration), touch screen sensitivity, camera, speakers and so forth. Menus hardware testing I have my Samsung phone can be different from yours, because it is caused by different type / model. Immediately, how to check the hardware on HP Samsung can be done by:

1. Press * # 0 * # then Call (press the phone key).

 original samsung check

2. After that you will be faced with the menus more or less like the picture below. These menus can be used to check the components / hardware on your Samsung phone.

 ham samsung check code and how to check the authenticity of hp samsung

3. Maybe you do not really understand the menus and confused the function of this menu to check what, Therefore, you need to listen to the functions of the menus below (I sort by function):

1. Red, Green, Blue and Black
Used to test primary colors on your Samsung mobile screen. Press 2X back button to return to main menu.

2. Receiver and Vibration

Used to test receivers (to receive calls etc.), whether working or not. If it sounds like ngeeeeeng .. 😀 (so hardware receiver no problem). Then Vibration is used to test whether Samsung cell phone can vibrate or not. Press 2X back button to return to main menu

3. Dimming

Used to test whether the HP screen can be dimmed or not. Swipe down dim the screen HP, if successful and no problem, press 2X back button to return to the main menu

4. Mega cam and Front cam

Used to test whether the main camera (Mega cam) and front (Front cam) function normally. If no problem is found, press 2X back button to return to main menu

5. Sensor and Touch

Used to check sensors such as accelerometer sensors that serve to measure or detect the vibration or acceleration of earth's gravity. Then for Touch is used to test the touch sensitivity on your Samsung mobile screen. To return to the main menu, you must touch all the boxes (to turn all green).

6. Sleep and Speaker

Used to test whether the leep feature (turn off the screen for a moment to conserve power) works normally. Then for Speaker, you must already know, ie to test whether your HP speakers are working normally or not.

7. Sub key and Low frequency

Used to test whether buttons like Menu, Back, Volume, Power and so on work normally. Try pressing the button on your Samsung Samsung one by one, if the screen color changes, then the button is no problem.

More or less like that way check the original or fake samsung hp you must know. Be a wise buyer, lest you be fooled by the product KW / replica that can be spelled out the same but the innards / hardwarenya much different from the original. Hopefully the four ways of checking the original Samsung samsung or counterfeit (replica) above are useful and easy to understand. 🙂


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