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4 Computer Virus Makers Who Have Been Arrested Successfully by the Mandatory Party

The spread of the computer virus was highly feared in the digital era as it is today. Because data on work, school, assignments and business are all tied to computers.

Therefore, each computer must have good protection or security so that computer viruses are not easy to infect our computers.

There are many anti-virus can be used to quarantine the virus. For safer, it's better to use a paid anti-virus because the protection is more complete than the free one.

Speaking of viruses, you know the people behind the creation of the virus? Because of the virus they created, they were even captured by the authorities because they were detrimental to many people.

The following article discusses the person who made a computer virus and was captured by the authorities. David L. Smith

 David L. Smith

Image: CBS News

The man born in 1968 named David L. Smith was a virus worm maker named Melissa. The Melissa worm was launched by 31-year-old David in Aberdeen Township, new jersey in March 1999.

David deliberately uploaded infected documents to the Usenet newsgroup from a stolen AOL account. The name of the virus is believed that David named it from a famous dancer in Florida.

The Melissa virus is a Microsoft Word document which was then uploaded to a newsgroup on the internet. And who downloads or opens the document means that it has activated the Melissa virus.

And this virus will send messages automatically from the first to 50 addresses in the book email address someone who has been infected with this virus. That way this virus spreads with a very fast time.

Several large companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Lucent Technologies and Loockheed Martin were forced to close their e-mail system because of the virus. The virus has also caused more than 80 million dollars in damage to businesses in North America.

And finally David L Smith was arrested by members of the FBI and sentenced to 20 months in prison with a US $ 5,000 fine by the court. After leaving his arrest, David L. Smith worked at the FBI and was assigned to protect the software from viruses that could weaken the security system and reduce damage caused by evil viruses.

2. Jan De Wit

 Anna Virus

Image: Viva

Anna kournikova virus, the name of this virus is the name of a very famous Russian tennis player. This virus is a virus behind an image document named Anna Kournikova.jpg.vbs.

The name was deliberately made to attract attention other email users. When the user clicks and opens the image file then the malicious program spreads.

When the document containing the virus is accessed in Microsoft Windows, the file will not display the image of Anna Kournikova, but will display Visual Basic Script.

the person who created this virus is still 20 years old at the time. The boy was named Jan De Wit. He made this virus by utilizing a bug-making toolkit that was obtained online from Argentine coding programmers. Because the virus can spread out quickly, De Wit immediately surrenders himself to the authorities because he knows how much impact and loss it has caused by spreading the virus.

3. Onel De Guzman

 Onel De Guzman

Image: Lucis Philippiness Press

You could say that the virus created by Onel De Guzman is a very romantic virus. Because this virus sent an email to you with the subject I Love You.

But behind the romance, this virus has a nasty nature. It can attack data on your computer that is in MP3, JPEG, and other formats. Initially the user will get an email with the ILoveYou subject and the email has a 19459017 link called 'Love-Letter-For-You.TXT.vbs'.

When that user opens the submitted document, the message is will automatically target everyone in the user's email and then spread it again.

This virus was able to attack more than 45 million people in a single day in 2000. And this virus caused damage worth 5.5 billion US dollars. Onel was arrested by the Philippine police but was released again because there was no regulation regarding the creation of a malware virus in the Philippines.

Initially Onel De Guzman created this virus to complete his thesis but was eventually rejected.

Sven Jaschan

 Sven Jaschan

Image: Alchetron

Sven Jaschan was a German genius who could make a virus at the age of 17. The viruses he successfully made were Netsky and Sasser.

These computer viruses were viruses that were quite complicated and could paralyze thousands of existing computers. This virus was created in 2004.

Unlike viruses in general, this virus does not spread via email or human intervention to be able to break into the computer system.

But the virus will infect the vulnerabilities that are present on both machines It belongs to Windows XP and Windows 2000 which is usually known as RPC (Remote Procedure Call). After the computer is infected, the virus program will access the internet to search for other vulnerable machines to be able to infect other computers.

Although the damage is not permanent, but this virus can make the computer crash and reboot.

losses from this virus reached a value of 500 million dollars. And Jaschan was arrested by the local police, but because he had not yet reached the age of 18, his detention did not take place.

These were the four virus makers who were finally arrested by the authorities. They are among those who are geniuses, but instead choose the wrong path because they spread computer viruses that ultimately make a big loss. But some of them were properly employed after leaving prison.


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