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4 Characteristics of Software + Explanation [LENGKAP]

Software is a programming that according to many people is difficult to understand or learn, is not very important / meaningless, and some people think trivially. But actually the software is quite interesting to discuss. Why is that? because although it is not visible, its functions are numerous and very functional especially for the business world.

Besides that software is also a very important part contained in a computer. Therefore, to find out more clearly about software . Know in advance about the characteristics of the software itself so you can find out the software in your computer system. Come see the review below!

Software Characteristics

Everyone must have a different assessment of the software. It relates to how someone is involved or get to know the software. An example is, how the user's wishes regarding their needs in the software. Or a developer (developer) involved with coding, maintaining, designing, and evaluating a software that is by looking at how the characteristics of the software before it is sent to other people / other users.

A system of computers has several layers , where a piece of software lies in the second and third layers. In the second layer there are compilers, Operating Systems, editors and interpreters . In the third layer there is an Application Software.

The function of a System Software is to manage the operation of the system. Where in the software there is what is called an "Operating System" that can connect a hardware device with computer users. The function is that the user is not difficult or hassle in programming from the computer itself. The characteristics of software can be classified into several groups, namely:

a. Based on Function

 Characteristics of software

Characteristics of software based on its function are:

  1. Functionality, means that it refers to the level of performance of the software on the stated purpose.
  2. Reliability, is related to the ability of software to provide functionality as desired, or under certain conditions.
  3. Usability namely the ability of the software to the extent that it can be used properly and easily.
  4. Efficiency , namely how the ability of software to use / apply system resources in an efficient and effective way to use.
  5. Maintainability, namely how the ability of the software in "ease of modification" for example to improve performance, correct errors and expand sa functions ri software.
  6. Portability, which refers to the ease of software developer (development of software). This means that software developer can transfer a software. The method is to be transferred from one platform to another, so there is no change (if there is only a minimum). Simply put, the ability of the software to function properly without changes in it both on the hardware platform (hardware) and software (software)
  7. Robustness, ie if the device has invalid data, to what extent capability of the software.
  8. Integrity, which is related to the ability of the software in terms of unauthorized data access and also data that can be prevented.

b. Based on the Difference with Hardware

 Software Characteristics with Hardware

The characteristics of software in terms of differences with hardware, are as follows:

  1. Software has a uniqueness that is not mass produced, but is still being developed. Unlike the hardware. Where the software is made only one, not produced in large quantities such as hardware.
  2. Software does not recognize "obsolete words". Hardware is contrary to software in this case because hardware is more easily obsolete if used for a long period. For example, if you buy a Gadge that has a Snapdragon 835 processor, 64GB ROM, 16GB RAM, 32MB camera, the longer the gadget will be obsolete, the sign is that its performance will decrease, and the price will also decrease / cheaper.
  3. some software was developed by "custom", while development by "Component-Based Assembly" was used in hardware.

C. By Nature

 Software Characteristics By Nature

Characteristics of software by their nature are:

  1. software engineering is the method used in making software, not produced by manufacturing or manufacturing. So it can be said that a production which is quite unique because it does not have a series of production.
  2. If the software has flaws / defects, it can be repaired, developed and continuously updated so that it is never obsolete or wear out . If the user of a software system wants the system to his liking then the software can be in accordance with his wishes.
  3. Software will usually be repaired as needed by the user. While goods from factories are final and permanent when in production.
  4. Are invisible (t invisible ).
  5. Flexible, ie if there are deficiencies that can be developed / modified.
  6. Generally it can be connected to the computer system.

d. Based on Ian Sommerville's Book

 Based on Ian Sommerville's Book

Software Engineering is a book written by "Ian Sommerville" about software, in which there are characteristics of software, namely:

  1. Maintanability, that is, it can be treated. Where software must be able to meet changes in user needs.
  2. Dependability, i.e. software must be trustworthy.
  3. Efficiency i.e. in terms of resource use (storage) must be efficient.
  4. Usability namely the use of software must be in accordance with what has been planned / made.

Thus the contents of the review of the characteristics of the software, hopefully with the above review can be easily understood about the software because the software actually has a function that many for its users if well recognized.


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