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3 Ways to Transfer XL Cards Quickly and Quickly (Latest 2018)

Sometimes when you really need to call to call, send sms, or buy the package but you hardly find the counter pulse (seller pulsa) around you. Well, XL as one of the popular providers in Indonesia provides a feature that is able to answer the problem as above is the feature "For Pulsa" .

This feature is provided to help XL customers share credit between users. So, we do not need to buy credit to fill credit on our card. Simply by requesting transfer of credit from other XL users, we will get credit as needed.

To transfer credit to other users, you must have a minimum balance of Rp 5.000 after transaction. And also there will be a fee of Rp 500 for each transfer also where the cost is deducted from the nominal pulse received by the recipient of the credit. Through this Pulse Share feature, the recipient will get an additional active period in accordance with the applicable provisions.

Well, for more details about how to transfer XL pulse, let's see the explanation below.

How to Transfer XL Credit?

There are several ways you can try to transfer pulses in XL through the "For Pulsa" feature :

# 1. Through Dial Up

1. Type * 123 * 1661 # (via UMB 123) on the dial up board

 how to transfer the pulses xl

2. Enter the destination phone number to send the credit and click Send .

 Enter No Destination

3. Enter the nominal pulse you will send (min 1 and max 1,000,000) and click Send .

 Enter the nominal pulse

4. The last step, enter the verification code to continue the transfer process in the image below

 how to transfer the pulse xl

Note: Based on some other user experience, * 123 * 8461 * 4 # is said faster in pulse transfer process than * 123 * 168 #. So when you transfer the credit through * 123 * 168 # and your request is not processed, you can re-transmit via * 123 * 8461 * 4 #.

# 2. Via SMS

1. Open the messaging app on your phone

2. Create message with format: FOR (space) Destination Number (space) Nominal Transferred Pulse . For example, you will transfer Rp 1,000 to 085921919762 then the message is FOR 085921919762 1000 .

3. Then send it to 168 .

 Via SMS

4. Wait for incoming confirmation message from 168 then reply Y as agreed. Your credit transfer was successful.

# 3. Via myXL App or Website

1. Open the app ( download here ) or myXL website (here I use myXL app).

2. Select Divide Pulse in the menu section marked with a red box.

 Features for Pulses

3. Then enter the destination number in the RECIPIENT NUMBER box marked with a red box.

 Enter destination number

4. Enter the nominal amount of credit transfer in the BIG PULSE box (IN RUPIAH) designated by the red arrow (at least 1,000 rupiah).  how to transfer the pulse xl to xl

5. You will get a verification code via incoming messages from XL. Enter the code in the box provided and select SEND as pointed by the arrow.

 The final stage

That is some way of transferring XL pulses easily and quickly . To transfer pulses in XL, I prefer to use myXL app or website because the interface is presented more user-friendly . But even so, you can choose which way you like, whether it's the first, second or third way. Hopefully the above article useful and good luck. Thanks!


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