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3 Ways to Restore an Instagram Account Forgot Your Password!

Who doesn't know Instagram? This social media includes applications that are loved by children to even adults. Instagram itself is like "nicotine" in the user's body because it makes opium for everyone who plays it.

Initially, this application was only used to share media such as photos, videos or can also send messages. However, in fact Instagram always has the latest features, such as Instagram Story which includes Boomerang, Superzoom, Live Video, Rewind, Hands-Free, Face Filter, Focus . Not to mention, Post Archive and Story Archiv which can archive your photos and stories. Recently, Instagram has released the IGTV feature, where this feature is almost like Youtube, which can store videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes. This always-updated feature also causes Instagram users to become more and more popular with everyone.

In order to get using Instagram of course you must have an account. If you don't already have an account it is recommended to register first to get a username and password. This password or password is very important, because the password is a form of security for an account.

This password is confidential, of course you will make it as complex as possible so that it cannot be misused by others. Complicated passwords will make users easy to forget, especially if you are a lazy person. Therefore, you are advised to create a password that is easy to remember in order to connect to Instagram.

What if you forget your password or password? Don't worry, Instagram already has an alternative so you can still enter using your account without creating a new account. There are several ways that can be used on condition, you must have set up an e-mail, telephone number or even a link connected through your Facebook. Keep your e-mail and telephone number active!

3 Ways to Return an Instagram Account Forgotten Password

The following is an explanation of how to restore an Instagram account that has forgotten its password, complete with pictures.

Method # 1 via Email [19659009] 1. On the initial page of Instagram, you must log in before entering. However, you forget the password or password. Now, please click Get help signing in .

 how to return an Instagram account that forgot the password

2. Enter your username, email or telephone number connected to Instagram. This is useful for ensuring that it is your account. Then, click Next .

 how to restore an Instagram account that forgot the password

3. Then, choose Send an Email . Make sure your e-mail is active, so the incoming notification reads immediately.

 how to restore an Instagram account that has forgotten its password

4. Now, now you have got a new email from Instagram. This email can only be used once. That is, when you use it once, this email is no longer valid. To make it come back, please click Send an Email again.

 how to restore the Instagram account

5. After that, please click the blue box. Later, you will be directly connected to Instagram to reset the password.

 How to return an instagram account that has forgotten the password

6. You are asked to reset the password. Enter a password that you can easily remember. Then, click Reset Password .

 click Reset Password

Method # 2 via SMS

1. Select Send SMS to access the account via the telephone number registered in your previous account.

 Select Send SMS

2. Then, a dialog box pop-up will appear which contains that Instagram has reset the password via the telephone number.

 has reset the password

3. Open the menu Order your then see the SMS containing the password reset from Instagram. There is a link already available in it, click on the link  Open your Message menu

4. Next, there will be an Open or Copy option, you must choose Open to open the link into the browser.

 there will be an Open option or Copy

5. Then, the display will appear Change Password . Here you can change the new password, try to be as simple as possible to remember. Type the new password and repeat the password. When finished, you can click on the check mark in the upper right corner.

 will appear Change Password

Method # 3 Via Facebook

Before using this method, make sure your Instagram is connected to Facebook You.

1. Select Log in with Facebook to access your Instagram via Facebook.

 Select Log in with Facebook

2. Enter your Facebook email and password that was previously connected to Instagram. Then, click Enter .

 Then, click Enter

3. Click Continue to enter your Instagram.

 Click Continue

There are explanations on how to restore an Instagram account that has forgotten the password or password above. Hopefully useful and can restore your Instagram account without having to create a new account. Keep your email and telephone number always active so that if you forget your password at any time, you can use this method again. Thank you and good luck!


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