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3 Ways to Manually Change Pdf Files to Word Without Software

Currently, the use of documents in PDF format is already familiar. Especially with the existence of e-books that often use this format, due to its simple and interesting form with the various objects it displays. However, the drawback is that we can only copy-paste the contents of the document into another document. In fact, you want to modify or edit part or all of the document itself.

Now, one of the ways you can do is convert the PDF file into Word. Then, how to change it? Therefore, this article will provide answers on how you can do to convert the PDF to Word file. To find out, just go straight to the explanation on how to manually change the PDF to Word file.

How to Manually Convert PDF to Word Files

Actually, there are several ways you can do to convert PDF to Word files. Some have suggested that you do it using software, some do it online. Well, in this article I will explain 3 of the easiest ways you can do to convert PDF files to Word . Come on, see the steps below.

# 1 Using Microsoft Word

To convert PDF to Word files, you must use the 2013 version of Microsoft Word and above. Because, Microsoft Word 2010 version down, this Convert feature is not yet available. How to do it is also quite easy, follow the steps below.

1. Open Microsoft Word 2013 or 2016 on your computer.

2. On the first page, you will see the default display of Microsoft Word as shown below. Click the menu Open Other Documents .

 how to manually change PDF to Word files

3. Select the .PDF file that you will change to Word. For example, here I will change the file with the name Database Trigger.pdf . Next, click Open .

 how to manually change PDF to Word files

4. A pop-up window will appear stating you will convert the file, then click Ok .

 pop-up window appears

5. Wait for the Convert process to finish, and finally the PDF file has been converted into Word form.

 Convert finished

All you need to know is that the Convert process takes place according to the size of the PDF file. The larger the size, the longer the Convert process takes place. By using Microsoft, you can easily edit the contents of the file easily and can save it again, either in DOC or PDF format.

# 2 Using Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the services developed by Google for management document. Therefore, you can also convert documents in PDF format into Word through this service. For that, see the following steps.

1. Please open Google Docs in your browser. Login according to your email and password.

2. Then, the first page of Google Docs will appear like the following picture, note in the right section there is the Open File Picker icon click the icon.  Open File Picker

3. You click on the menu Upload because the PDF file that you want to change is in your computer library. Then, click the button Select a file from your computer . Click 1945 Upload menu ” width=”670″ height=”415″ />

4. Select the PDF file to be converted into Word. And click Open .

 Select PDF file

5. Next, you will be taken to the document page at Google Docs. At the top, select the File menu . Then, choose Download as and click Microsoft Word (.docx) .

 click Microsoft Word (.docx)

6. The download process will take place. Wait until the process is complete, and your PDF file has been changed to Word form.

 The download process will take place

Changing PDF files to Word using Google Docs is an easy step. However, to do this requires an internet network. In addition, the contents of files that have been made in Word have different text formats, such as a messy text form.

# 3 Using PDF Converter

There are now various sites that provide PDF Converter services for free. These sites are built with their respective strengths and weaknesses. One of them is Smallpdf, where this site helps you to convert PDF files into Word forms without having to register using your email address and password. Consider the following explanation to find out the steps

1. Please visit the site smallpdf .

2. There is a button Select File on the first page of PDF to Word. Click the button.

 manually change PDF to Word files

3. Select the PDF file to be converted to Word form.

 Select PDF file

4. The Smallpdf site will start the file uploading process. Wait until the uploading process is complete, then it will appear like the following picture, click the icon Download the arrow-shaped file .

5. Finally click Start Download to download the file that has become the Word form.

 click Start Download

It's easy not to change PDF to Word file manually? You just choose which way is easy and fast for you to do. Although basically, these methods have the same goals, but are equipped with their respective strengths and weaknesses. If you are concerned about the privacy of your document, you can use methods that guarantee your privacy. Good luck and thanks.


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