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3 Ways to Make Folders Not Seen on Windows (Complete + Images)

Computers are tools that are used to facilitate human work. Now, various kinds of work can be completed to be more effective and efficient with the presence of computer systems . However, this development turned out to be also followed by a crime that could harm others. Important documents stored on a computer can be easily misused by users who do not have access rights.

Secret files related to privacy must be protected in order to protect themselves and others. In other words, important data contained on your computer should be given additional security.

Therefore, one way for users who do not have access rights to see your data is by hiding the folder on your computer. Now, on this occasion, I will discuss how to make a folder invisible. Let's see the following explanation.

3 Ways to Make a Folder Not Seen on Windows

In making this folder invisible, there are several ways you can do it. Start with no additional applications to use additional applications. So that the folder on your computer is not accessed and misused by others, you should make your important folder invisible.

So that people who intend to evil or nosy will not see that folder. The way it works from creating an invisible folder actually only adds settings to the status folder to hide. Below are 3 ways to make a folder not visible on Windows. Follow the steps below:

Method 1: Using the Windows Hidden Tools

This first method is the easiest and fastest way to make a folder invisible. We only need to utilize the tools provided by Windows, namely Hidden in the Properties General.

1. Please right-click on your folder> then select Properties .

 how to make a folder not visible on the pc

2. Then please check in the Hidden section > then click OK .

 How to 1 step 2 - select hidden then ok

3. Then select Apply change to this folder subfolders and files > then click OK.

 how to make the folder not visible on the PC

4. Then the folder has been successfully created to be invisible.

 Folder successfully made it invisible

Method 2: Change Type Folder Icon To Hide

In this second way, we will change the type of folder icon become invisible. Then then we just change the name and provide additional code.

1. Right-click on your folder> then select Properties .

 how to make a folder not visible on the PC

2. Next select the Customize tab> then select Change icon .

 How to 2 steps 2 - select tab customize

3. After that, please select the folder icon that is not visible or can be seen in the picture below. There are three hide icons, please select only one> then click OK .

 how to hide the folder so that it is not visible

4. Then click OK again.

 method 2 step 4 - click OK

5. The next step is to rename the folder by right-clicking on the folder> then select Rename .

 How to 2 steps 5 - rename the folder

6. Delete all the text or the name of the folder then please press the ALT button and the number 0160 19459011 on the keyboard simultaneously.

 Method 2 step 6 - delete all folder names and press the button ALT and the number 0160 together

7. Then the folder has been successfully created to be invisible.

 The folder was successfully made invisible

Method 3: Using the Lock and Hide Folder Application

This application is actually a paid application, but you can try it with choose the trial version. Although the interface that is owned by this application is not satisfactory, the use of this application is so easy that it will not be difficult for ordinary users.

1. Download and install the Lock and Hide Folder application at https://www.lock-folder.com/

2. Next open the application > then select Add to add the folder you want to hide.

 How to 3 steps 2 - select add

3. After that please select the folder that you want to hide until it is not visible to others> then click OK .

 How to 3 step 3 - select a folder then click OK

4. Then the folder you have added will appear in the directory. Please select the folder> then select Hide to hide. To restore the folder, you just choose Show.

 How to 3 step 4 - select the folder and then choose hide

5. Then your folder will no longer be seen immediately.

 The folder was successfully made invisible

It's easy not to make the folder invisible? Keep in mind, the above method is used only to hide your folder. So, basically the folder is only hidden so that other people and even yourself will not see the existence of the folder.

However, the folder can be easily restored if there are people who know how to view an invisible folder. Therefore, if you really want your folder to be safe, provide additional security such as adding code or keys to the folder. So many articles about how to make folders invisible. Hopefully useful for you.


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