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3 Ways to Get Free COC Gems Without Cheat, Immediately Practice!

COC stands for Clash of Clans is a game that relies on strategies where players build communities, attack other players, train us troops to get gold, elixir, dark elixir and trophy.

And this game must build defenses that can protect players from attacks by other players and to train and increase the ability and number of troops.

One of the most frequent items and is often hunted by users of the game Clash of Clans is Gems. Because these gems are the currency of the COC game, and we can buy anything using gems.

How to get free gems COC without cheat

But getting gems is not as easy as when we get elixir and gold . Because we can usually get elixir and gold by mining it. As for getting gems, we can get them in certain ways.

The easiest and easiest way to get gems is to buy them at the shop. But the price of these gems is quite expensive. So, is there a way to get games for free? take it easy, in this article we can get gems for free without a cheat or without buying it with real money.

Here's how you can use it.

1. Attacking Enemies


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To get gems, we must attack the enemy. And from the many achievements we can get, but most of them require us to attack other players' bases. Some of them will give hundreds of gems at once. Namely:

You will get 100 gems by successfully holding 1,000 enemy attacks on your base. This is the achievement that many players rely on a lot.

You will get 450 gems by defeating other players in a war. If you manage to collect 1250 trophies from the war, you will get 450 gems.

You will get many gems if you successfully enter the Clash of Clans league. And if you enter Crystal League, you will get 250 gems, Master League 1000 gems and if you become a Champion, you will get 2500 gems.

You will get 350 gems for free if you give 25000 reinforcement to a friend your clan.

You will get 1000 gems for free if you manage to collect 100 million gold from all the Clan War you have done.

You get 1000 prizes when you successfully destroy 5000 Inferno Towers to choose the enemy.

You will get 100 gems if you have won 1000 stars for your clan in the War Battle.

You can do the above to get gems for free and without cheats.

2. By Cleaning Trees and Stones


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A simple way to get gems for free and without cheats that you can do by cleaning up rocks and trees around the village.

Trees and the rocks around the village should be cleaned, because that can disturb you when you build the defense you want. There are about 40 rocks and trees around the village that you must clean when you will start the game.

You can clean trees and twigs using elixir, while you can clean various rocks using gold or gold. [19659002] If you have finished cleaning the 5 items, you will be given 5 gems for free. Furthermore, if you have cleaned 50 items, you will get 10 gems, and if you have cleaned 500 items, you will get 20 gems.

In addition, you will also get a lot of randomly selected bonuses when you successfully clean an item. , ranging from 1 to 6 gems per item. You need to know that the rocks will not be able to reappear after being destroyed, in contrast to trees and twigs that can grow back.

Therefore, you must provide enough land so that the tree can grow back and you can also get gems free again. The duration of the emergence of twigs and trees will usually reappear every 8 hours every day.

If all of your village land has been used, then the trees and automatic branches will not reappear. The distance of the building and the location of the plant must have a distance of at least one tile so that the tree can grow back.

3. Complete the given Achivement


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The last way you can do to get free gems without cheating is by completing the various Achivement provided. You can click on the image of a woman on the right side of the screen to see what achievements you can get.

Every achievement given has three levels that you must complete. If the higher the level, the more prizes will be given. Therefore, try to complete the various achievements as quickly as possible so that you can be quickly given hadiap gems.

Actually there is one way to easily get cheats by using cheats. But you need to know, that currently many sites offer cheats to get gems in COC. But you need to remember Clash of Clans is one of the games that use online servers.

That way it will be very difficult for you to make a cheat that really works correctly. There are several sites that offer fake applications that contain malware, viruses, and malicious programs for your computer or smartphone. So, you have to be careful. It's better to avoid using cheats.


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