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3 Ways to Extend XL's Life Easily (Latest 2018)

The active period at XL is the time frame of XL card usage before entering grace period. Well, usually the grace period of XL cards up to 30 days and if in 30 days you have not reactivated then your XL card will be blocked. The only solution when your card is blocked is taking care of your XL card in XL Center in your city.

What if your XL card is past its active period? Of course it will be very annoying when your XL card through the active period when there is still pulse, bonus sms and phone or internet package that is still in your XL card. Especially if your XL card still have a lot balance balance and internet quota. Obviously, you do not want to lose all that right? Well, the solution is to extend the active life of your XL card.

XL party provides convenience to XL users to reactivate their card by extending the active life of the card. For more details on how to extend XL's active life, see below.

You can extend the life of your XL card by purchasing an active period, filling in a credit or purchasing an internet package. Steps to extend XL's active life can be found below.

Method 1 – Buy Active Period

1. Type * 123 * 8484 # on the dial up board.

 how to extend the active period xl

2. Then, you will be offered several options for active period extension with a starting cost of Rp. 2,500 to Rp. 110.000 then select the option you want as shown below.

 Option Activity

3. Select option 1 -> " Continue " to extend the active period

 how to extend the active period xl

Way 2 – Contents Pulsa

You can charge your XL card to extend the active period either through the website and XL application, ATM or the toll counter.

Well, if you charge Rp 5.000 it will get active period up to 7 days, pulse Rp 10.000 will get the period active up to 15 days, credit Rp 25.000 will get active period 35 days, pulse Rp 50.000 will get active period 45 days, and pulse Rp 100.000 will get active period of 90 days.

Method 3 – Buy Internet Package, SMS or Call

In this way, you can extend the active period up to a month with more efficiency. Why? Because you only need to pay Rp. 10,000 for a month's active period by activating internet package. This method is certainly more economical than you buy an active period or fill the pulse that only extend the active period in a few days (a little).

How? Pay attention to the steps to purchase the Internet package below.

1. Type * 123 # on the dial up board.

 * 123 #

2. Select option 2 "Internet XTRA Combo" .  extend the active period xl

3. Select option 4 "XTRA Quota" .  XTRA Quota

4. Then, will show the internet package information as shown below. You will get an active period for a month + 30 GB at a cost of only 10rb. Select 1 "YES" for further purchase of internet package.

 how to buy active period xl

Well, you do not have to choose the package type I described above, You can choose any type of package that suits your needs and wants whether it's an Internet package, Call & SMS, Roaming or LifeStyle (Chat and Social Media) .

To make it easier for you to choose the type of package that will purchased, I suggest you use myXL app or website because it will be very easy for you to choose and compare the available packages. The trick is easy, here are the steps to buy the package from myXL application or website:

1. Open myXL app or website. Here I use myXL application, you can download it in Play Store).

2. Select "Buy Package" in the Menu section marked by a red box.

 Buy Package

3. Choose the type of package you want as shown below. If it matches the package, select BUY to make a purchase.

 Choice of Packages

These are some ways to extend XL's life easily and quickly . To extend my active life, I prefer to buy XTRA Quota internet package because it is cheaper and as needed. Hopefully the above article useful and good luck. Thanks!


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