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3 Ways to Create Complete Word Tables (All Versions) for Beginners

The table is one of the most important objects, in which it contains information or data consisting of columns and rows. Tables are usually as a complement or explanation of a document. The function of this table is also as a summary of the text, thus helping the reader understand the contents of the text. In addition, the existence of tables in an article as well as a systematic description would be related data .

The grouping of data arranged into a column and this line is helpful in smoothing a data. Because, basically the relative eyes will better understand the table than the long writing. So, in essence the table is used as a supporter or supporter of writing in the process of data processing either in the form of numbers, letters, characters and other things that can convince the reader and facilitate the author to convey the contents of the writing

Microsoft Word is one alternative software which can be used to create tables. Because, software first released in 1983 is very popular in the word processing world. Microsoft's flagship product provides the concept of WYSIWYG to its users. What is it really? WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get which means what you see is what you get. This term is used because Microsoft Word can display the input in accordance with the output to be issued. So, users will really enjoy the user interface and user experience in using Microsoft Word.

With this Microsoft Word, tables can be created in a way that is easy, saving time and can edit the style of tables and text. Another advantage is the table format that has been created in Microsoft Word can also be exported into other formats such as excel is better known as the processor of numbers, pdf, txt, or other file formats

In this article will discuss how create table in Word . Usually this version is called just Word. Unlike the other versions that still use the word Microsoft before the word word. However, if your version of Microsoft Word is different, usually how to create this table is also not much different, just naming and location that makes it different because the user interface is also different between versions of Microsoft Word that one with another version. Let's just look at the explanations and steps below.

How to Create a Table in Word for Beginners

Before creating a table in Microsoft Word, make sure the software is installed or installed on your computer.

The First Way

1. Open Microsoft Word.

2. Then [Insert select Insert at menubar> select Table > then adjust mouse movement on your computer with the number of columns and rows in the table you want to make, if it is just right click left [19659002]  how to create table in word

3. Table successfully created and table ready to be filled.

 Step 3 - Success

Second Method

1. Open Microsoft Word.

2. In this second way, the table is created from existing data. So prepare first the data you want to insert into the table like the image on this carry, then block all the contents of the table .

 how to create tables in word 2010

3. Select Insert on the menubar> select Table > select Convert Text to Table … as shown below.

 Step 3 - insert, table , convert text to table

4. Immediately click the OK button because Microsoft Word usually already automatically fill the number of columns and rows.

 Step 4 - ok

5. However, automatically detected columns and rows must still be fixed or removed because Microsoft Word detects more columns and rows. The way is block on blank column then press Backspace on keyboard to remove over columns.

 how to create table in word 2007

6 . Select option Shift cells left > click OK .

 Step 6 - OK

7. Next remove the excess columns / rows like the number 5 block on empty box or overload press Backspace on keyboard> then select option Shift cells left ]> click OK .

 how to create table in word 2013

8. Then create a table of available text successfully done.

 Step 8 - succeed

Fourth Way

1. Open Microsoft Word.

2. Select Insert on the menubar> select Table > select Insert Table .

 Step 2 - insert, table, insert table [19659002] 3. Please enter the number of columns and rows > then click OK .

 Step 3 - fill in the number of columns and rows

4. New table has been created and ready to be filled

 tutorial how to create table in word

So how to create table in Word easily. By using Microsoft Word in creating tables, you can design the tables and their contents to make it more interesting to see in a very easy way. Hopefully this article useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia for the latest and interesting info!


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