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3 Ways to Clean a Full Android Google Drive

Use of Google Drive
as cloud
server has become inseparable at this time. That matter
caused by the convenience that you get when using Google Drive.
Moreover, the given capacity
quite large, which is 15 GB.

However, if you continue to use Google Drive without maintaining it, then its capacity will be full by itself like the capacity of computer hard disk memory. Actually you can increase its capacity by becoming a premium member. If you have enough objections to becoming a premium member, then you can try some Ways to Clean Google Drive that is starting to full. Delete some large files

How to Clean Google Drive First you can take action by deleting some very large files. Similar to the use of memory on a hard disk, in your Google drive there may be several files that are hundreds of Megabytes in size or even reach Gigabytes. If you have never used the file, you should just delete it permanently.

How to delete files
permanently login first to your own section of Google Drive. After
then click the Quota section or the memory statistics section that has been used.
Usually there is at the bottom left. After you click, the details will appear
data stored in Google Drive from the highest to the highest
Lowest. This is where you can right-click on the file you want to delete then click
the words "delete". Usually a warning will appear about deletion
permanently, you just click "delete permanently". Automatically, the file was
will be permanently deleted from Google Drive.

If you want to do it
on smartphones, the method is quite easy. First enter in the Google application
Drive that was previously installed on the smartphone. After logging in,
next is to enter into the gear wheel which is located in the corner
top right. Next, enter the "Manage Apps" menu section. Inside it
You will see the details of any application that stores many files without
You know beforehand. After deleting the files, make sure you do too
empty the "Trash" folder on Google Drive.

2. Turn down the quality of photos

You need to understand that
photo quality also affects the memory usage used.
the greater the quality of the photo stored, the greater the memory capacity
used. For that, it's best when you want to backup photos, make sure
the quality of saved photos is adjusted so that there is sufficient free space

The trick is to get into
in Google Photos. After that enter the "Settings" or "Settings" section. After
that, go to the "Backup & Sync" section. In the Backup and menu
Synchronizing, you just focus on the "Upload Size" section. There are two choices,
namely "Original" and "High Quality". Choose the ‘High Quality” section because of us
can store a lot of photos to unlimited alias unlimited. However, it is necessary
Note that this unlimited capacity is for photos only. Selection
Next is "Recover Storage". If you select this option, all photos and
the video will be changed to a very small resolution.

3. Deleting Email attachments

For this one,
Most no one is aware that attachments or attachments are always
sent via email, specifically Gmail will be automatically saved on Google
Drive Moreover, you very rarely clean email. Of course there are many
attachments that accumulate and fill up storage memory on Google

For how to delete a report
then, click "has: larger: 10M attachment" in the Gmail search field
and press Enter. Some emails will appear containing more attachments later
from 10MB. Please choose whichever e-mail you don't already have
use and delete. You can see whether the e-mail really is
deleted or not by looking at the "Trash" folder. There, you can also delete
email permanently to reduce the memory in Google Drive. How to delete
Email permanently is by clicking "Empty Trash Now". Therefore,
all emails that have been added to Trash will all be deleted.

If you need it
e-mail specifically for work, use a business e-mail
which uses premium mode. Generally, email is exclusively for business
delete old emails automatically so that it doesn't burden the server. You
can learn various things
email Client spread on the internet

Those are 3 ways to clean up
Google Drive is starting to fullness. If you really need memory
more relieved, it's far better to use the premium version of Google Drive.
In addition to getting greater capacity, you can also maximize functions
Google Drive in business dealings. You also should learn anything advantages
and the lack of Google Drive before deciding to use the cloud
another server or keep using Google Drive as a cloud server
main. Hopefully it can provide benefits.


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