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3 Ways to Change PDF to Excel Tube

The PDF format is one of the most widely used file formats for computer work, other than Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file formats. PDF formats are commonly used when sending a report to a boss, coworkers, or in sending various other files. One of the reasons why the PDF format is widely used in file sharing is because the data format is compatible across all OS, be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and various other platforms. In addition, the display will be all on all platforms.

Nevertheless, problems can arise when we need data in the form of tables contained in a report, statement, or acceptance in PDF format for multiple purposes. The "copy paste" technique can be time-consuming, inefficient, and can not be used on documents that are scanned. If you see, in how to edit the scanned PDF file that we have discussed, there is almost no discussion about changing the table of the scan results. Well, the solution to overcome this is to use software or features that work to convert PDF file formats to Excel.

Yup, as one of various spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel is trusted by many to process data in the form of tables, which can then be processed back into graphic form, tables, curves, and others. So, the existence of Excel files is also more or less the same as the existence of Word files.

The above case is similar to the case where you need to how to move PDF files to Word that we discussed earlier. Well, at this time, we will discuss about how to change PDF to Excel. Oh yes, before listening to the article below, make sure your computer or laptop already installed Microsoft Office. If not, consider how to install Microsoft Office that we have discussed on this site. Okay, do not linger, here are the ways:


There are various software that has the function to convert PDF files into Excel files, but each software has different advantages and disadvantages. In the data or documents we will recognize the form table. Tables in PDF files may differ in the distribution of each row and column. Well, if you want to change the data tables in a PDF file to an Excel file, you can use the software. One of the best software to convert PDF files into Excel is Able2Extract. If you do not know how to use this software, here we tell the ways:

  • Selecting A Table On PDF

With Able2Extract, you can select the table you want to convert to Excel form. For example, if you have 100 pages in a PDF document, and the table you want to configure appears to be on page 50, whereas you do not need the result of the entire page changes. All you have to do is go to the page and select the table you want.

  • Specifying Conversion Type

Able2Extract provides two data conversion options when you choose to convert that data into an Excel spreadsheets file.

The first option is " Automatic ". This option can alleviate your work, because this software will recognize the row and column structure in the table that you want to convert automatically. Meanwhile, the second option is "Custom", which allows you to set and define your own rows and columns to be changed in a new Excel spreadsheet. You can also use this option if you want to merge two rows into one.

The same applies to columns. Lines and columns are represented by red lines. If you find an unimportant line that distinguishes between unneeded rows and columns, select "Erase Row Line / Erase Column Line" to delete them. However, if you want to add rows or columns, select "Add Columns / Add Rows".

Another important feature which significantly has the ability to review changes stored in custom format via the selection of "Show Preview" "

  • Adjusting row and column settings

Tables in PDF files have slightly different structures. If we have a document with 1000 pages we can make adjustments to the entire page. To customize the columns, choose what part of the column you want to create. You can also customize certain column types such as columns with number formats, text, and other formats. For line adjustments, you can select one or more lines to display.

2. Change To TXT

Huh, serious use TXT format? Yup, it turns out there loh way to change PDF to Excel using file Notepad (.txt). Here are the ways:

  1. Open PDF file to be changed using Foxit Reader
  2. Save the document into text, by selecting File – Save As, specify the storage location, and in "Save as type" select TXT Files ( * .txt). Then, click "Save"
  3. Run Microsoft Excel, then select Data tab> Get External Data> From Text
  4. Then locate the result text file from the second step above, then click Import.
  5. You will see jendeal Text Import Wizard. In the "Original data type" select Fixed width. If so, click Next
  6. Next, set the width of the column that will appear in Excel. The way to click on the line with the up arrow and then slide adjust the column width
  7. If there is a column that is cut off by the line and not fixed, later the table in the resulting Excel file will be messy. The way to fix this is: Scroll or clear the delimiter that intersects the column. The way, click on the line then slide or click 2x to delete.
  8. If you feel the column in the table is neat, click Next
  9. Next you can specify the data format of the columns of each column. If so, click "Finish"

3. Online

Nowadays, there are many sites that provide online tools whose functionality is similar to software has been discussed above. So you do not need to download and install the special software first to change the file format in accordance with the wishes.

The advantages of using online tools is that if the site you use does not have the desired feature then you can search other sites that have a more complete feature . While the lack, you must connect to the internet if you want to use it. Even so, you do not have to worry about your data quota will be drained a lot because the online tools is very light and fast process.

Compare if you use software, Indeed, one of the advantages is you can use this software anytime and anywhere without having to connect to Internet. While the shortcomings, using software means will reduce the storage capacity of the computer.

Before you begin, make sure you have prepared a PDF file that will be converted into an Excel file format. And make sure the PDF file is not password protected. To find out if the PDF file is password protected, you just open the PDF file. If the PDF reader software does not ask you to fill in a password, then the PDF file has no password. Whereas otherwise, means the PDF file is protected by password and you must know the password of the file.

Then, how to change PDF to Excel using this tools online? Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare the PDF file that you want to change
  2. Open the converter website from PDF to Excel below: www.smallpdf.com/pdf-to-excel. (19659019) Wait until the upload is complete
  3. Click Download File to download the converted Excel file . If you want to save the converted file to Google Drive, click the Google Drive icon and log in with your Google account.
  4. Once downloaded, open the file if your computer has Microsoft Office software installed. If opened, then automatically Microsoft Excel software will appear and open the file conversion results. Recently, you can apply some complete excel formulas that you mastered to process the converted file.

So far this article revolves around how to convert PDF to Excel. Hopefully our article can be your inspiration.


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