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3 Types of CSS Tags and Complete Functions in Making a Website

In programming languages, there are terms that are often heard
or even must be mastered by programmers. The term is CSS. CSS
itself is an abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheet. Can be said
the role of CSS is very important for display settings on a website. If
You often see the appearance of each website is different, so this is it
inseparable from the role of CSS.

Now, CSS itself has its own tags
various functions. To find out more about what CSS tags are over
This is used in HTML, the following is a complete review.

Tag Type in Fonts

The function of this Font Size is to change the font size
in accordance with the wishes of the user or programmer. For example, font-size: small;

Well, what we mean by "small" is that we use it
font size or lowercase letters. If we want to change all the letters with
capital, then we just replace the word "small" with "medium" or "large". If
You want to change the font size to be more specific, so we stay
use code "[angka] px". This means we can write the numbers according to
desire. For example, you want to fill it with number 5, then just write
just "5px". Automatically, the numbers will change to the size of 5 pixels.

The function of this font family is to change the type of font
used on the website that will be created. For writing your own code
can write it like this: font-family: Arial;

As we see that the typeface used is
Arial. We can also change the font to your liking like Sans Serif,
Times New Roman, Comic Sans, and others. It should be noted that writing
the name of the typeface must be correct. If you write the wrong type of letter,
then the CSS function will not work.

Text Align has a function for setting the layout on
a text or also a sentence on the website. How to write the code yourself
not much different from before, namely text-align: center;

We can see that the meaning of "center" in the code
refers to sentences or text made in the middle. If you want
writing made flat left, then you just replace the word "Center" to "Left".
Likewise with the right alignment left written with "Right".

Maybe you have heard about this margin in Microsoft Word.
It turns out that there is also a margin in the CSS tag. Almost the same as the margin function
in Microsoft Word, the Margin on this CSS tag has a spacing function
between one object with another object. Margin itself has four
type. First is margin-top,
margin-left, margin-right
and margin-bottom.
These four types of margins can be used as needed.

Padding on CSS tags is actually almost the same function. It is just
in this padding, more settings to the distance limit selection
the inside part. For example, the distance between the Header and the Header border. If
written in the code, then the results like this: padding: 5px;

The purpose of "5px" is the distance of the header with a limit
the edges are 5 pixels inward. You can change the number of pixels
according to need.

Type of Background Tag

This type of tag on the background has a function as a code for
bring up the bacground in the form of images. So that the image display can appear
well, then you must enter the picture link. In this section, you must
has its own site to store images as needed.

This background repeat has a function to repeat images
on the page. With this tag, you can vary the image accordingly
with the need if more than one image is inserted. In order to
do a repeat, there are three types of code entered. The first code is
Repeat-x functions to repeat the image on the x-axis, Repeat-y which has
the function of repeating the image on the y axis, and no-repeat which has an image function
will not be repeated and only one image appears.

Type of Border Tag

The border on this CSS tag has the function to provide lines
the edge. Later, the outline can be determined as desired. Can be changed
thicker until it falters. For example, border: 1px solid blue ;

The purpose of "1px" is the size of the border made
around 1 pixel only. The meaning of "solid" written above is a line
made uninterrupted. While the intent "blue" is written is
the color of the lines made is blue. In all three cases, you can
replace it at will.

Those are some of the CSS tags and their function in making a
the website. If you want to learn more about the website, you can learn
first command
basic HTML command
Basic Javascript functions
programming language until understanding example
intermediate level programming language . Hopefully this article can provide
benefits for all readers.


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