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3 PCI Express functions inside the Computer CPU

When you unpack or look at components
motherboard, you will see a slot that is quite long compared to the slot
others and generally have a yellow color. Well, the slots are yellow and
the length is called PCI express.

PCI express is a brief Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. Generally PCI express is always abbreviated as PCIe. Literally, PCIe is one of the motherboard parts that has connections for devices inside a computer. PCI Express functions inside the CPU include the following:

  • Substitutes for Standard PCI and AGP

One of the functions of this PCI Express is to replace standard PCI. Usually, in the motherboard there are several PCIe slots. Examples such as PCI express x1, x4, x8 or x16. The PCI has a different number of pins and sizes.

In PCIe x1 there are 18 pins
has a length of about 25mm. PCIe x4 has more pins
many, which is about 32 pins and has a slightly longer length,
around 39mm. Then the PCIe x8 certainly has a number of pins and sizes
more than before. the number of pins in the PCIe x8 is 49 and
about 56 mm in length. The last is PCIe x16. Number of pins on PCIe x16
is 82 pieces and the length is around 89 mm.

In standard PCI, the number of pins and sizes tends to be the same
and not so many significant changes when compared with PCIe. However,
on Pcie, the number of various pins is adjusted to the device
will be connected to the CPU. Apart from being used instead of standard PCI, PCIe too
used as a substitute for AGP. As we know that development
technology is increasingly progressing. This also affects
some components installed on the CPU. Including PCI.

  • Higher speed

One other function that makes PCIe more widely used is data transfer speed. For example, if there is data sent using a cable and then passes this PCIe, the speed can reach 250MB / s. However, with notes PCIe is used using full duplex mode. If the PCIe used is type x16, then the data speed used can reach 4,000MB / s. ‘Seeing this fact, of course we as users will be spoiled with maximum speed when using a computer. This is what makes regular PCI and AGP even more marginalized.

  • Supports
    various kinds of computer devices

There are now many devices that can synchronize
with PCI express. As mentioned before that when a
the device is connected to PCIe, the data speed will double. Example
device that can synchronize with PCIe is a Graphic Card. Graphic card or
also can be called a GPU this is an important device in a

VGA card on the computer is to maximize the graphic display on
a game or application. When paired with PCIe, the data speed is current
graphical display appears to be much faster and much clearer. But that
according to type 1945
The VGA card is used. Other devices that can be connected with PCIe
is an SSD that uses an M.2 connector or a type of PCIe slot. SSD function on
a computer is a medium for storing data and also systems on
computer. Generally SSDs can also be used as a substitute for a hard drive.

The next device is a sound card. Sound card
is a device that functions to issue sound to
computer. In addition to sounding on computers, sound cards too
serves to enter sound and sound mixing. By using PCIe
this, the process of making voice revisions is faster. moreover, mixing
the sound on the computer is quite heavy like rendering [an application] video and image processing.

The last device that can work optimally
using PCIe is a computer LAN. For this one device
surely you already know that LAN functions are traffic media
computer network and internet network. Of course by using PCIe
this, the network speed will be very fast. one of them is data transfer
which can touch 10GBBps.

That is the PCI Express function on a computer. With functions
As explained above, we can conclude that PCI Express is
revolutionary one in the development of computers. With the existence of a device
this, we can save the time we spend when doing something
using a computer.

If you want PCI Express on a computer, make sure
that the motherboard on the computer that you are using already has a PCI Express. If
no, you can consider checking prices
new motherboards at various computer stores or through online stores. Hopefully
this article can provide insight for all readers.


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