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3 Kinds of Old, New & Contemporary Poems (+ Examples)

Poetry is a composition of a collection of words and is one of the media that is often used to convey messages through certain rules such as rhyme, number of lines, and the meaning implicit in the poem. Poetry as a medium of poetry in expressing his feelings.

Types of Poetry and Examples

Following are the kinds of poetry that can be known, among others:

1. Old Poems

 Types of Old Poems and Examples

old poems

In old poems, there are rules which are bound, among others:

  1. Number of certain words in 1 line.
  2. Number of certain lines in 1 verse.
  3. Poetry (rhyme) in poetry.
  4. Rhythm in poetry.

Old poetry has characteristics, among others:

  1. As a folk poem whose author's name is unknown.
  2. Submission of an old poem word of mouth (oral literature).
  3. Bound with rules such as the number of lines per stanza, number of syllables, and rhymes.

Old poetry has various types, including:

A. Mantra

Sayings that are considered to have magical or magical powers. Has the final rhythm of the abc-abc, abcd-abcd, abcde-abcde, has oral, magical, and magical properties, there is repetition, important elements in the form of metaphors, esoteric and mysterious, more free than folk poetry (in syllables, lines, and poetry).

Example of poem:

"Assalamualaikum daughter of a large satulung.

The one with the similarious berilir.

Let's be small, come here.

I carry your hair.


Will wash your face ".

B. Pantun

Pantun comes from Malay (Indonesia) has abab rhymes, has 4 lines in each stanza, there are 8-12 syllables in each line, there are lines 1 and 2 as sampiran, lines 3 and 4 as contents, abab rhymes. Pantun itself consists of rhymes of children, young people, religion / advice, riddles, and humor.

Example of poetry:

"If there is a broken needle.

Do not put it in the chest. [19659021] If I say something wrong,

Don't take it to heart. "

C. Karmina

Karmina as rhymes of lightning or short rhymes, each stanza is part of the whole, rhyming aa-aa, aa-ab, having epic nature, having no sampiran, all lines starting with capital letters, all lines ending in commas, and the fourth line ends with a dot, containing 2 things: seduction and order.


"Previously machete, now iron",

"Previously, I hate hate now."

D. Seloka

Hooked Pantun, where four lines are written (shapes such as rhymes or poems), Seloka is written from four lines.


"Straight up to Payakumbuh.

Teak with road lead.

Where the heart will not be troubled.

Mothers die walking father. "

E. Gurindam

Poetry consisting of 2 lines per verse, rhymes a-a-a-a and contains advice, fill in the first line such as a problem, problem, or agreement. While the contents of the second line in the form of answers or due to problems or agreements in the first line.


"Lack of lack of finesse (a)". Whoever leaves the prayer (b) ".

" Like a house without a pillar (b) ".

" If the husband is not straight (c) ".

" The wife will also become thin (c) ". [19659026] F. Syair

Poetry originating from Arabic where each stanza consists of 4 lines, rhyming a-a-a-a, containing advice or stories. The four lines contain the meaning and purpose of the poet.


"In ancient times (a)".

"There is a story (a)".

"A country which is safe sentosa (a) ".

" Led by the wise king (a) ".

G. Talibun

An even rhymes consisting of 6.8, or 10 lines in each stanza.


"If a child goes to a week, Yu buys a mullet and buys a long fish buy first" .

"When the child goes to walk, Mother looks for relatives, then look for the contents of the landlady, look for it first"

2. New or Modern Poetry

 New Kinds of Poetry and Examples

modern poetry

This form of poetry is freer than the old poetry in terms of number of lines, syllables and rhymes. This poem has characteristics, among others:

  1. The shape is neat and symmetrical.
  2. It has a regular final taxation.
  3. Many uses poetry and poetry (dominant not all).
  4. Dominant poetry has four strands.
  5. Each line is based on a gatra (syntactic unit).
  6. Each gatra consists of two words (mostly), which are 4-5 syllables.

Based on their contents, the following types of new poetry, include:

A. Balada

Poetry containing a story or story, consisting of three stanzas, there are 8 arrays of rhymes a-b-a-b-b-c-c-b. Subsequently the scheme changed to ababbcbc, and the last array in the first stanza was used as a chorus in subsequent stanzas.


Poetry by Sapardi Djoko Damono with the title "Ballad Death of a Rebel".

B . Hymns

Poetry in the form of idol worship for God, homeland, or hero. In addition it contains praise for the gods, alma mater (guides in the world of literature). Hymns developed as poems sung to praise someone who was respected such as teachers, heroes, gods, God, and others who breathe divinity.


Poetry by Saini SK

Even stones hard and dumb

Glorify Your name in your own way

Wriggling pain in curves and twists

under the incision of treason and lies.

With wisdom I always look at Your statue

shedding blood from curves and twists

under the cutting of treason and falsehood. feet

from the crown of thorns and moon nails

That is blessed by human sin.

Without wide open wounds

the world loses the source of love

Great is those who are in misery

know You crucified in the heart datam.

C. Ode

Ode is in the form of flattery poetry for those who have contributed.


Current Generation

On top of a fantasy mountain Stand me,

and from there Look down,

to where the current generation fought in the long period.

Creating a new splendor of the beauty of Indonesia Pantoen

Which became a memento of the times in the world

(Asmara Hadi)

D. Epigram

Epigram in the form of poetry demands or teachings on life, elements of teaching, didactic, and advice leading to the truth to be used as guidelines, endeavors, and examples.


Today there is no standing place

Sluggishness means death

Who moves, it is they who are in front

Those who wait for a moment are crushed.


E. Romance and Elegi

Romance, a poem containing a burst of love, about the beauty of feelings, matters of affection, longing for revenge, and affection. Whereas Elegi, in the form of poetry which contains lamentations or sadness, grief, complaints, death / departure of people.


Dusk in the Little Port

This time no one is looking for love in between warehouses, old houses, on story poles and rigging. Ships, no-seagoing boats blow themselves into believing they want to hang

Drizzle accelerates to darkness. There was also a dark, offensive eagle flutter, the swish of the day running to find the base of the river. Not moving and now the land and sleeping water are gone by the waves. No longer. I myself. Walking along the peninsula, still stuffy hope that once arrived at the end and all the way safely from the fourth beach, the end could be captured

(Chairil Anwar)

F. Satire

Poetry containing satire or criticism, sharp criticism of a phenomenon, dissatisfied with one group, etc.


I ask

but the question my questions

hit jidad salon poets,

who rhymed with wine and moonlight,

while injustice occurred

alongside it,

and eight million children without education,

stunned mangu at the feet of the goddess of art.


When viewed from its form, new types of poetry can be seen, among others: disticon, adultery, quatrain, quint, sextet, septima, stanza (octave), and sonnet.

3. Contemporary Poetry

 Types of Contemporary Poetry and Examples

contemporary poetry

These poems are more typographic structures and sometimes appear abusive language.


O my grief dukukau dukakalian dukakalian dukangiau
restless, restless, restless, restless,
my mind, ragugau, raguguru, ragutahu ragutahu ragukalian, rhevagging, rheumatism, rhetoric duhaingilu duhaikalian duhaisangsai
oku okau okosong orindu okalian obolong o worries o You O …

Now, those are 3 kinds of poetry that can be known. Although there are only three types, these poems have many types of poetry, so hopefully with this writing the readers' insights will increase in the types of poetry and its various types.


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