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3 Drug-Themed Serials You Must Watch, Cool and Tense!

 Narcotics-themed Series

Talking about something taboo is indeed true. Don't you agree with the sentence just now? The problem is, there are many books or films – both fiction and nonfiction – that carry taboo themes and become masterpieces and get thumbs up as well as appreciation from many people.

Whether with a little "sprinkling" of comedy, or "spice" drama, story which raises the theme of drugs as the main thread for the fabric of the story can be interesting and unfortunately not to be missed. Well, if you need more "nutritious intake" in serial form to fill the negligence of your days, it's good to watch some of the recommendations for this drug-themed series!

However, keep in mind that being able to enjoy a dish with this taboo theme requires maturity , not only from the age of the body, it must be ensured that you are mentally and mentally mature. If you are mature mentally and mentally, you must be open minded and be able to take lessons and mandate completely after watching some of these series.

1. Breaking Bad

 Breaking Bad

Said who is the person who does business in narcotics and illegal drugs must have a scary character and not from an educated circle? At Breaking Bad, you wouldn't find the stereotype of a drug criminal in Walter White alias Heisenberg — played by Bryan Cranston — the main character.

Honestly, the drama series is 5 season. ] whose story was written by Vince Gilligan – who is also famous for writing stories for The X Files – this time was slow and dragged in the first few episodes of each of his season. However, in episodes in the middle of each season you will become increasingly addicted, just like the picture of some addict characters in this series.

This series guarantees a strong soul, see how many awards have been embedded in this masterpiece. The reason for the many awards this series has given is because the actors and actresses are very convincing in acting, the dark humor that can neatly be inserted in the tragic story of the drama [1945911]as well as the satire symbols and criticism that always appear should be able to make you contemplate

2. Narcos


If you are a historical observer, you should name Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, a.k.a. Don Pablo or Pablo Escobar, not foreign to the ear. Well, if you have ever known because you have read about the football of Pablo Escobar – the legendary cocaine dealer, once in the ranks of the 10 richest people in the world, and almost became president of Colombia – you will get more enlightenment if you watch this one Netflix series.

In this series, you will most likely side with and respect some figures who are generally considered by the wider community as depictions of anger. Don't get me wrong, if you look at how some of the characters in this series are depicted as very hustle and struggle in life and prioritizing the interests of others – even though the method is not also in accordance with existing norms —You will understand the reason.

3. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

 How to Sell Drugs Online </p>
<p> Although the title of this one series is like a tutorial, what the audience teaches is not ways to sell psychotropic drugs and goods online . When you watch this German series, the laughs that are sure are more often scattered. However, make no mistake, this juvenile series is nicely inserted with brilliant and evocative wise thinking. </p>
<p> Family issues that color the lives of teenagers and parents are discussed casually through the silliness and jokes of the actors and actresses. Anyway, you are like being made unconscious, giggling and then suddenly getting a spiritual shower just like watching episodes of this series. Well, the important thing is not to forget about the purchase of an internet package at Traveloka [1945119] so that I can monitor Netflix and enjoy the serials discussed just now. </p>
<p> After watching one of the films about drugs that we recommended above, increasingly makes you realize that drugs are very dangerous and must be avoided, especially for young people. </p>
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