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25+ Examples of Simplified and Complex Sentences (with SPOK)

Learning Indonesian is an important thing to do. This is because we live as Indonesian citizens. It is fitting for us to be able to speak in Indonesian properly and correctly.

In learning Indonesian, there are many parts and topics that must be studied. The meanings of different sentences and types of sentences must be considered and used according to their function.

This will facilitate learning in Indonesian. Examples of the types of sentences studied are simplex sentences and complex sentences. For easier understanding, here are detailed explanations of simplex and complex sentences:

Example of Simplified and Complex Sentences

1. Simpleks Sentences


Simplified sentences are types of sentences that consist of only one clause. Usually consists of one subject and one predicate, so the simplex sentence is usually referred to as a single sentence.

The information conveyed in a simplex sentence will be clear, and easy to understand. Because it only consists of one message or information delivered. Therefore, in understanding simplex sentences will be easier. To facilitate your understanding in learning simplex sentences, the following are the characteristics of simplex sentences:

Characteristics of Simplex Sentences

  • Only consist of one subject and one predicate
  • Looks like a clause
  • Explains an event / just one information

Examples of Simpleks Sentences

To facilitate you in learning, here are some examples of simplex sentences:

  • The mother is a teacher

With the following information: Ibu explains as subject, while a teacher explained the predicate

With the following information: Book describes as subject, while while while ] fall explain predicate

With the following information: Ali describe as subject, whereas is ulis explains predicate

With the following information: His sister describes as subject, while is studying explaining predicate ]

  • Uncle was a specialist

With the following information: Uncle explained as subject, while a specialist doctor explained the predicate 19659017] With the following information: Rita describes as subject, while is very adorable explains predicate

With the following information: Silvi describes as subject, while is playing describes predicate

With the following information: Toto describes as subje ct, while is very disciplined explains predicate

With the following information: Speaks describes as subject, while is very fast explains predicate

  • His mood is excited

With the following information: His mood describes as subject, while is excited explain the predicate

2. Complex Sentences

 books 2

Complex sentences are types of sentences that have a more complete structure than simplex sentences. So that in complex sentences can be found some important information. Unlike simplex sentences that only have one information delivered.

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With the existence of complex sentences, it will be easy for anyone to clarify or convey an information . So that the information written in sentences can be understood and captured. The existence of complex sentences can be used to explain an event so that it can be understood by others easily in one complete sentence.

Characteristics of Complex Sentences

  • Combination of several simplex sentences
  • Consisting of at least 2 processes [19659011] Often encountered with a combination of commas
  • Usually added a combination of external conjunction sentences such as since, since, in order, so, so, though, so, etc.

Examples of Complex Sentences

To facilitate you in learning, here are some example of complex sentences:

  • Dodi studied chemistry from a month ago, but his written test results were not yet optimal
  • Rita got the highest score in her school, while dino got a bad grade so she needed to study harder
  • The teacher conveys English subjects with practice, but there are still students who do not pay attention when pela jaran
  • In undergoing the test we must try hard, or the results obtained will not be maximized
  • Funds donated to orphanages are very large, this is obtained from the effort and hard work in raising funds together
  • Every child must obtain their rights in education, but there are still children who are not serious in learning
  • The body must be properly and properly guarded, so that the results of health tests show good results
  • Sports and eating healthy food is very necessary for everyone, so that his health condition is maintained
  • When riding on a motorbike on a highway must use a helmet, so as to avoid traffic operations by the police
  • If there is a distressed friend who must be helped immediately, so that you can tighten the brotherhood
  • We should start living healthy to avoid various diseases
  • Excessive use of plastic will make the environment become damaged, so that a yo switch to using eco-friendly objects
  • Class II children really like playing badminton when playing sports, but during the next lesson they look exhausted so they cannot concentrate on learning
  • Good and diligent crafts made by each student , in order to obtain maximum artistic value
  • Anita was waiting for her group friends from the afternoon, even though that day she had to go to another event

With the explanation of simplex sentences and complex sentences, it would be easier to understand and learn about these two types of sentences.

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Learning sentences will not be difficult because an easy-to-understand explanation is given. Simplified sentences and complex sentences will be easier to learn with examples provided with easy sentences. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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