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25+ Example Sentences Descriptions of Humans, Animals, Plants, Etc.

In an essay, surely you have described in detail about something, be it stuff, color, taste, and so on. That depiction of something is commonly called the description sentence. This sentence we often see and we read in the essay. This essay is also useful so that you can find out in detail about an item.

That way, you get a picture of an item. Below this will explain to you the characteristics of the sentence description and examples of the sentence description.

For examples of the sentence description, in this article provides examples of sentence descriptions about humans, animals, plants, objects, and nature. Following is the description of the description sentence characteristics along with examples:

Characteristics of the Sentence Description

The meaning of the description sentence is a sentence containing a description of the nature of an object to be described. These properties can be shaped like:

  • Size; seen from the large or small and high or low.
  • Color; seen from the colors like yellow, green, blue etc.
  • Taste; judged by taste like pahir, sweet, salty or sour.

Above are the characteristics of the sentence description. Not only that, the description sentence also has characteristics. So you can quickly understand the sentence description, then you need to know what are the characteristics of the sentence description.

Therefore, you can easily see the difference between the sentence description with other sentences. The following are the characteristics of the description sentence:

  1. The sentence description describes or depicts an item or object.
  2. The description of the object or object has been done clearly and involves the human senses.
  3. The sentence description makes the listener or the reader seems to have felt directly what has been described in the sentence.
  4. The sentence description also describes a physical characteristic of an object, for example such as shape, size, color, or other circumstances in detail.
  5. Sentences description we often find in a paragraph of description or report.

If we look briefly, then this descriptive sentence is almost the same as the definition sentence. But what distinguishes it is the description sentence generally explains the characteristics of a particular object with detain.

And while the definition sentence only gives the meaning of an object, even though in the sentence it has described its meaning and also its nature.

Collection of Example Sentences Descriptions [19659005] If previously explained about the definition, nature and also the characteristics of the description sentence, then this time you also need to know examples of the description sentence.

In this article will give you examples of sentence descriptions about humans, animals, plants, objects, and nature.

1. Example Sentences for Human Descriptions

 Example Sentences for Human Descriptions

Examples of sentences for description of humans will describe or describe someone. Here is an example of a human description:

  1. Bela has beautiful eyes, because her eyes are brown when exposed to sunlight.
  2. Although short, Lita uses straight-line clothing so she looks tall today.
  3. Dani has high temperament, so that he could scold everyone who approached him yesterday.
  4. Mr. Budi today was wearing a brownish-orange official dress, as if he was going to attend a meeting.
  5. When he was about to enter the cave, Rudi fell down, making his knee bleed from bleeding. cut by sharp iron.
  6. The iron which cut Rudi's knee is to the left of the cave and the iron is brown because it has been in the cave for a long time
  7. Husna today uses a white shirt and black skirt, it looks like today he will be an apprentice in his work.
  8. Aurel's body is very proportional because he has a weight of 56 kg with a height of 170 cm.
  9. Aira has t you are born on the back of the neck, the birthmark is black round.
  10. Atta has a mole on his forehead, the size of the mole is not so large.

2. Example Sentences Description Animals


Example sentences description Animals will describe or describe an animal. The following is an example of a description of an animal:

  1. A frog is an amphibian that eats insects and can live on land and fresh water, its skin is slippery, and its body is green or brownish red.
  2. Male lion has a length of 260 to 330 cm while the lion females have a length of 240 to 270 cm.
  3. Snakes are a group of reptiles that have no legs and also have a long body, snakes have spread throughout the world.
  4. Persian cats are a domestic cat breed that has long fur and facial features round and short snout.
  5. By the end of the 19th century, Persian cats had been developed in the United States and Great Britain after the end of the Second World War.
  6. In Great Britain, the Persian cat race was also called the Persian long-haired cat, the cat it is divided into 2 types namely chinchillas which are bright silver and also slightly dark.
  7. The chameleon mane has a medium size with a long tail. The length of the body of the chameleon is around 55 cm.
  8. The mane chameleon can be recognized from the rows of serrations that are behind the neck.
  9. Dragonflies have a length of 4.5 cm.
  10. Dragonfly wings can extend between 7.2 cm and 8.4 cm.

3. Example Sentences Descriptions of Plants

 Example Sentences Descriptions of Plants

Example sentences describing plants will describe or describe a plant. The following is an example of a plant description sentence:

  1. Frangipani plants are easier to grow in areas that have a height of no more than 700 m above sea level.
  2. Frangipani plants also have a tree shape with a height of 1.5 m – 6 m.
  3. Frangipani plants also have all kinds of colors such as yellow, red, pink, white, etc.
  4. Taro plants have a shape characteristic that is the shape of the leaves exactly like a heart or heart symbol.
  5. Leaves from taro plants are generally slippery and contain a waxy layer.
  6. The size of the taro plant is never more than 1 m.
  7. The rose plant has 100 species or more.
  8. Bungamawar generally has thorny stems and can reach 2-5 m in height.
  9. Tulips are annual plants that have bulbs and height ranging from 10 to 70 cm.
  10. Tulips also have a narrow and elongated shape, and green with a bluish feel.

4. Example Sentences Description Objects

 Example Sentences Description Objects

Example sentences description of these objects will describe or describe an object. The following is an example of a description of the object:

  1. Ryan's new bicycle is very beautiful, because it has a blend of red and black.
  2. Selly's glasses fall at a crossroads, and the glass breaks scattered on a paved road.
  3. The white car is parked on road side so that other people find it difficult to use the road as well.
  4. My new laptop is bright blue, and has 4 GB of RAM.
  5. This container was bought in Saudi Arabia, the color is very beautiful because it has blue and yellow colors.
  6. The image of the container was also very beautiful, because it had a mosque dome.
  7. The motor was damaged because it had not been serviced for a long time.
  8. The machine had just been repaired, so the machine could run well now
  9. Clothes purchased the color was red, Mother would have liked it.
  10. The watch was very expensive, because it had a gold coating on it.

5. Example Sentences Description of Nature

 Example Sentences Description of Nature

Example sentences describing nature will describe or describe the natural atmosphere. The following is an example of a natural description sentence:

  1. Lately forest fires in Kalimantan and Pekanbaru spread smoke into the Aceh region.
  2. These forest fires made all Indonesians restless and used masks when they were active. [19659007] Forest fires in Kalimantan's peat regions disturb much the world, because Kalimantan is the world's lungs.
  3. Aceh's tsunami in 2004 killed thousands of Acehnese residents, this event was an event that carved the deepest wounds for the people of Aceh.
  4. Tsunami in Aceh also demolished all buildings in Aceh.
  5. Earthquakes also frequently hit Aceh, that is because Aceh's subterranean plates are shifting.
  6. Bogor's peak natural tourism is enjoyed by tourists, because of its location the cool one.
  7. At the peak of Bogor tour is also very quiet and not many vehicles pass, so it can calm the mind us.
  8. To create a healthy Indonesia, we must plant trees early. Because trees can make our nature cool.
  9. The beach in Sabang is very beautiful, the water is very blue and the place is also still beautiful.

Such is the explanation of the sentence description characteristics and examples. Hopefully this article can help you.


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