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2 Ways to Unreg Missing / Removed XL Card (Latest 2018)

In the previous article, I have explained how how to register XL card for new and old users. Well, in this article, will explain how to unregister the XL card that has been registered. This means that you can cancel the registration of a registered prepaid card.

In accordance with the current regulation, prepaid card registration only allows one NIK (Prime Identity Number) and Family Card number for three SIM cards only. That is, a customer who has registered three numbers and wants to add a new number then he must unreg first on one of the listed numbers.

And to un-register the XL card, you only need to prepare the number XL prepaid card to be unreg. Easy and simple, is not it? For more explanation, let's look at the explanation of some ways to unreg the XL card below.

How to Unreg XL Card Easily

Here, I will explain how to unreg XL card via SMS. Before you do unreg, you can see the status of your XL card containing your XL and NIK card number. How to? Notice the steps below.

1. Type * 123 * 4444 # via dial as shown below.

 how to unreg a registered xl card

2. Then, will appear pop-ups like in the picture below. You can see the XL and NIK card number you entered during registration. If you enter option "1" then you will enter menu Check Number .

 unreg way card xl

3. In the Check Number menu you will also see your XL card number (incomplete) and NIK you entered during registration as shown below.

 unreg way xl

Unreg XL Card Via SMS

Now, it's time to unreg (un-register) your XL prepaid card. Note the unreg steps of the XL card below.

1. Open the app messaging (messaging) on your mobile.

2. Type UNREG # XL # card number then send to 4444 as shown below. Example: UREG # 085960139726 # send to 4444.


3. Well, you've successfully unregistered your XL card.

 how to unreg a charred xl card

Notes: Currently, unregister via dial via * 123 * 4444 # is not valid again. It can be seen in the status check section with * 123 * 4444 #, where there is no menu unreg.

So many discussions about how to unreg XL card via SMS easily and quickly. Well, hopefully the discussion described above is helpful and good luck. Thanks!


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