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2 Ways to Transform Video into MP3 Without Application (Latest 2018)

In this era of globalization, the role of multimedia can not be separated from everyday life. Starting from images, text, audio, video, animation and so forth. The rapid spread of information is evidence that multimedia plays an active role as an important spear for society in various aspects and fields.

One of the most influential media of video and audio. Both are a medium of information delivery is very much found as a medium of entertainment and learning. This is because the delivery of both types is very easily accepted and used by the community.

Now, the presence of technology is needed as a solution of some problems. One of them is the need for technology to convert or convert video files to mp3. How to convert video into mp3 can be through the application and can also through online sites that are now many and very easy to find.

2 Ways to Convert Video Into MP3

This article will discuss 2 ways to convert video into mp3 that is online and with the app. Yuk follow the steps below

# 1 Converting Video Into MP3 Online

On this occasion I use Convertio to convert video to mp3. I chose Convertio because the technology on Convertio can change more than 223 different files. You can also convert files from your computer, dropbox, Google Drive or URL. The use of Convertio is also very easy ie upload / select file, select output format, conversion, and download.

1. Open your browser> Then type Convertio.co in the URL link box.

2. Choose your video source from where, from a computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or URL .

 how to convert video to mp3

3. In this article, the video is taken from the computer. Find the video you want to convert and select and click Open .

 Step 3 - select the file

4. Next select the conversion result ie MP3. Click on the area that has been given a red box, select AUDIO then select MP3 like the picture below.

 how to convert video to mp3 [19659002] 5. Click the Change .

 Step 5 - click change

6. Wait until the conversion is complete.

 how to convert video to mp3

7. When finished converting video to MP3, click DOWNLOAD pointed arrow in image below.

 Step 7 - click download

8. Wait until the download is complete. When finished downloading, locate the MP3 file on your downloaded storage default. Converting video to MP3 has been successfully done online

 how to convert video to mp3 [19459]] </p>
<h3> # 2 Converting Video to MP3 with Application </h3>
<p> The application I use to convert video to MP3 is <strong> Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate </strong>. The advantages of this application is 30x faster to convert video, there are features editing, improving quality, compress, burn, record, easy application usage, available up to 1000 kinds of formats and for many devices like Windows, MaC and others. [19659027] 1. Download the application <a href= Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate > Then install the app

2. Then open the app> Then select the type of MP3 format on the box that has been colored red in the image below.

 Step 2 - change the format

3. Click the tab Audio > Then click MP3 > and select any quality you want (can be same as original, high quality, medium quality and low quality).

 Step 3 - select audio, mp3 and quality

4. Then select one of your video sources (from a computer, other device via USB, record video directly, download with exact copy of URL eg from YouTube, or from CD)> Click Add Files

 Step 4 - select add files

5. In this article, the video is taken from the computer. Find the video you want to convert then choose and click Open.

 Step 5 - select video

6. Wait until the conversion is complete.

 Step 6 - wait for it to finish

7. Click on the area with the arrow number 1 if you want edit the video like trim, crop, effect, audio volume.

 Step 7 - edit

8. Then click the Convert button designated by the arrow 2.

 Step 8 - click convert

9. If you have succeeded then there will be writing Success as below. Click Converted if you want to view your MP3 files.

 Step 9 - Success then look at converted

10. Click the open file location to open the file you have converted.

 how to convert video to mp3

11. If the extension format is at the end of the mp3 file name, then you have succeeded and you can already play the MP3 file.

 Step 11 - file exists and succeed

May both ways change the video to mp3 above can be used easily and successfully. Actually there are many more applications and online sites that can convert video to mp3. If you have a VLC, Windows Media Player, you can use this application.

For online conversion, you can try other online converters like Zamzar Online Converter, Convert Files, Online Video Converter, Clip Converter and more . Each converter must have advantages and disadvantages. So please choose according to your needs.


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