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2 Ways to Shrink Word Files Without Applications, Quality Still Good!

Now, almost everyone will know this word processing software. How not, Microsoft Word is the most popular software to date. In addition to the appearance and tools that are very friendly, the software released in 1983 has the WYSWYG concept ( What You See is What You Get). The meaning, what is seen will also be the same as what is obtained, the input entered will be the same as the output produced.

Word files known as word processing not only contain a collection of words but images, graphics, tables and more too. However, it makes the file size itself big. One of the things that makes the word file so large is 1945 data other than words like images. Because some users add images without compressing them first. Even though in some cases, the number of pages produced is not much.

Therefore, this article will explain about how to shrink word files without an application . So, word files will be more efficient in terms of sending files and storing things. Consider the following explanation.

2 Ways to Minimize Word Files

In this tutorial, I give two ways to shrink word files. First by compressing the image (if there is an image in the word file) from Ms. Word itself, secondly with the help of online tools. Immediately follow the steps below:

Method 1: Compress Images (If There Are Images) from Ms. Word

This method can only be done when the word file has an image. How to shrink this word file only utilizes the image compress feature in Ms. application. Word itself.

1. Open the word file which you want to reduce the size. You can see the initial size of the file that I will reduce to 8.748 KB or 8.54 MB.

 How to Minimize Word Files Without Applications

2. Then select or left click on the image > then select the Format menu > then select Compress Pictures .

 2 - compress [19659002] 3. Then the display will appear as below. Do uncheck (uncheck) in the Apply only to this pictures section so that you do not compress the images one by one> then select the E-mail option (96 ppi): minimize document size for sharing > then OK .

 How to Minimize Word Files Without Applications

4. After that, do not forget to save the word file 19459009 which has been compressed by pressing the crtl + s button on the keyboard. Then please see the file size after compressing the image in the word file. Then the size of the word file will decrease. In my word file, the initial size is 8.748 KB or 8.54 MB and after compressing it becomes 1,724 KB or 1,68 MB.

 4 - finished

Method 2: Using Neuxpower Tools

Neuxpower is one tool that can compress word files so that the size becomes smaller. This tool itself is able to compress word files without affecting file quality. In addition, Neuxpower also offers offline and online applications. If you want to go online then you must download and install the application to your device. However, in this tutorial I only use the tool online.

1. Open your browser> then open 1945 the following link: [1945909] https://www.neuxpower.com/compress-word-document/

2. Next, please select 1945 Free Online .

 step 2 - choose free online

3. Then upload the word file that will want to be reduced by clicking the plus sign icon or you can drag and drop.

 How to Minimize Word Files Without Applications

4. Please select the word file> 19459009> then click Open . You can see the initial size of the word file below is 5,892 KB. After that you can compare word files after being compressed.

 step4 - select the wordd file

5. Wait a few moments until the compression process is complete> then click Download.

 How to Minimize Word Files Without Applications

6. After that try to compare the results before and after being compressed. Then the file size will be smaller after it is compressed.

 step 6 - finished

It turns out it's easy not how to shrink word files? You can choose which method suits your needs. Word files that initially have a large size will be small after the process is compressed against the file. Well, the problem with large word file sizes has been overcome by the above method. As well as articles about how to shrink word files. Hopefully useful for you and good luck.


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