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2 Ways to Remove Videos on Your Own Youtube (Complete + Image)

Youtube has a myriad of videos coming from its users. This is not surprising because Youtube is a medium for sharing videos. Not only applies to personal users, Youtube is also used by communities, companies, organizations, government agencies, and others.

The videos available on Youtube are a collection of its users. Free Youtube users uploaded various videos, which are of course under the applicable legal provisions. Youtube users are also given rights to edit and delete their videos. Users who remove their videos may be caused by several things, such as the video has been inconsistent with the present day, do not want to be seen again, cause controversy, and various other reasons. The following will show you how to delete a video on Youtube

2 How to Delete a Video on Youtube

Here I will describe the step of deleting a video that you have uploaded on Youtube, ie on channel You. I will tell you two ways, namely through PC / laptop and HP Android.

1. Removing Video on Youtube via PC / Laptop

To remove Youtube videos on PC / laptop, I use browser Google Chrome. You can also use other browsers to do so. Here are the steps to remove videos on Youtube via PC / laptop.

1. First of all, visit page Youtube and sign in to your account

2. Click your account icon in the upper right corner.

 click account

3. After that will appear menu like picture below. Click My channel to switch to your channel

 how to delete a video on youtube own

4. Next, click the CREATOR STUDIO .

 click creator studio button

5. It will then display a page containing a list of uploaded videos on your channel . Choose which video you want to delete then click the down arrow next to the Edit button. Click Delete to delete the selected video.

 how to delete videos on youtube on android

6. Then, a dialog box will appear to confirm the deletion of the video. If you're absolutely sure to remove it, click the Delete .

 delete conformation

7. The video you want was successfully deleted.

 video was successfully deleted

2. Deleting Videos on Youtube via HP Android

You can delete videos on Youtube via the Youtube app installed on your HP Android. The steps are as follows:

1. Open the Youtube app on your Android phone. Make sure you have signed in Youtube account.

2. Click the profile menu in the top right corner of the screen.

 click account

3. After that, you will be on the Account page. Select My channel to visit channel youtube page.

 click my channel

4. Next, on this page select the VIDEOS tab to display all of your uploaded Youtube videos.

 how to remove videos on youtube easily

5. Then, click the vertical dot icon on the video you want to delete.

 click options on video

6. Then, the action option appears from the above command. Click Delete to delete the video.

 select delete

7. Please confirm the deletion of your video. If you are sure, click OK .

 click ok for deleting video

8. Finally, your video was successfully deleted. You will find tooltip which appears briefly with deleted from your uploads . It states that your video has been deleted.

 video has been deleted


Deleting videos on Youtube is not difficult. You can follow the ways above to do it. Before you delete a video on your Youtube, make sure you are absolutely sure. Because the video you have deleted can not be restored, unless you still store it elsewhere.

If you want to delete multiple videos at once or delete all videos on Youtube, you can use Action Creator Studio . Well, here you can tick the videos you want to delete. However, this activity can only be done via browser on PC / laptop.

So many tutorials remove videos on Youtube. Please include your comments if anyone wants to respond to this article. Thank you.


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