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2 Ways to Remove Applications that Cannot Be Removed on an Android Phone!

In devices based on Android, it's easy to install applications for free. Because, the Android OS provides applications that are home to various other applications, namely the Google Play Store. This Google Play Store allows users to install or uninstall applications on the Android smartphone.

However, it is not uncommon for us to experience problems where the application cannot be deleted or uninstalled. In fact, the application is not needed by smartphones. All you need to know, there are two possibilities to answer the problem. First, it could be that the application is the default application Android OS on the smartphone.

Well, if the default application is indeed difficult to delete, unless you copy the system with how to rooting . Chances are both, the application you added is equipped with certain features and functions. So, when installing the application, the user must grant application access permission to the Device Administrator contained in the smartphone settings. That is the reason why the application will be very difficult to delete. Well, how to solve this problem?

Don't worry, this time I will discuss how to delete applications that cannot be deleted. That way, you can solve the problem. Come on, see the following explanation.

How to delete applications that cannot be deleted

Without you realizing it, there is a type of application that will be installed requiring access to the Device Administrator. That's why Android refuses to delete the application from a smartphone. But, you dont have to worry. There are two ways you can do to overcome this problem. Here are the two steps on how to delete a non-erasable application.

1. Removing an Application through the Device Administrator

This method is mostly done to delete applications that cannot be deleted. In addition, this method also does not require additional applications to delete it. Consider the steps below

1. First, make sure that the application cannot be removed from your smartphone device. Here, I try to delete the Easy Touch application.  how to delete an application that cannot be deleted

2. Next, open the Settings menu or Settings contained in your smartphone.

 how to delete applications that could not be deleted

3. Then, choose Security .

 select Security

4. Then, click on the Device Manager or Device Administrator .

 click on the Device Manager section

5. Tap the application you want to delete.

 Application tap

6. An option will appear to disable the application. Select Deactivate . After that, the application is successfully deactivated by your smartphone's setup system.  how to delete applications that cannot be deleted

7. Next. check the application in the Application Management section to try again uninstall the the easy Touch application. Select Force Stop to forcefully stop the application so that it can be removed from your smartphone.

 how to delete an application that cannot be deleted

8. Then a pop-up appears convincing you whether you want to forcefully stop the application. Select Ok .

 Select Ok

9. Then, select Uninstall to delete applications from the system. A pop-up appears, select Ok . And finally, the application was successfully removed from your smartphone.  select Uninstall

2. Removing an Application Through a Factory Reset

Actually, it is very rare that the first method did not work to delete an unwanted application. However, if the application contains malware and adware, then the application can only be deleted by factory reset.

Is that factory reset? Factory reset means to return your smartphone to its original settings like the first time you bought it. This second way is not recommended. Because, you will lose other data when doing this factory reset.

That is the explanation of how to delete applications that cannot be deleted on your Android phone. I recommend you to do the first method rather than having to do a factory reset on your smartphone. You can do these methods in all Android applications. Hopefully the article is useful.


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