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2 Ways to Open the Most Effective Locked Iphone

Is your iPhone locked / disabled? Using security features on the iPhone is the right thing, so that your personal rights are not known to many people. But what happens if this can make your iPhone disabled due to your own negligence.

Usually locked or disabled iPhones occur because you often make mistakes repeatedly at one time when opening your iPhone passcode.

To be able to restore Your iphone as it was before is not difficult, it's just that you have to let go of losing your data. Therefore, be diligent for backing up your data so that in the event of something like you don't need to worry anymore. Here is an explanation of how to easily open a locked iPhone.

How to open a locked iPhone

There are 2 ways you can unlock your locked or disabled iphone, which is through iTunes or using recovery mode or recovery mode. [19659006] With iTunes

This method can be done if you have synchronized your iPhone with iTunes.

1. The first thing you have to do is connect an iOS device to a computer that has been synchronized with the iPhone.

 How to open a Locked Iphone

2. Then open iTunes. If iTunes requests a passcode and you can't open it, try again on another computer that was used to synchronize.

3. Then wait a while until iTunes finishes syncing and backuping the data.

4. After you have finished synchronizing and the data backup is complete, then click Restore.


5. Wait until the process is complete. Then click Continue to begin the process of recovery or returning files and settings. Wait until the device is restarted.

6. Then press the Home button. Because the data has been returned, the passcode has now been deleted. Press the " Home" to unlock the cellphone. You can add a new password for the cellphone through the " Touch ID & Passcode " section on the iPhone settings menu.

With Recovery Mode

If you have never synchronized with iTunes, how to this is the right way. But it's a bit more difficult to compare with iTunes.

1. It's the same as using iTunes. Make sure you have iTunes on a Mac or Windows computer. Then connect your iPhone to iTunes.

 How to Unlock the Iphone

2. After you have connected to iTunes, do it forcibly restart. The trick is to press the Power / Sleep button and the Home button simultaneously. When the Apple logo still appears, then press and hold. Hold and hold until the recovery mode logo appears .

4. Then select Restore when the dialog box appears as shown below.

 How to Open Locked Iphone

5. Then wait for the process of downloading and installing iOS to succeed.

Those are some of the ways you can open your locked iPhone, if you haven't succeeded, take it immediately to the nearest Apple store to you. Hopefully the tutorial on how to open a locked iPhone is useful and can help many people. Thank you: -)


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