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2 Ways to Get Rid of Shortcut Viruses Through CMD & Smadav!

Have you ever seen a folder or a folder with the name "Shortcut blabla" on your computer? This case can be dangerous for your computer if it often reappears even though it has been deleted many times. Well, you should not ignore this. Because this type of virus can damage your computer's work system. Shortcut viruses or often referred to as cloning viruses will usually clone against folders in Windows Explorer or 1945 File Explorer .

Shortcut viruses are often found on ] hardware which has storage devices like flashdisk, hard disk, and so on. This virus is very easy to transmit to other devices. Although this type of virus has not been classified into a very dangerous virus, it would be nice if the Shortcut virus that repeatedly appears on the computer is immediately eradicated so as not to interfere with the performance of your computer or yourself.

Therefore, in this article I will discuss about how to get rid of a Shortcut virus from a computer. Just look at the explanation below.

How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut

With this virus, it can hide our original file and then clone the data with the same name. So it will be difficult to distinguish original and fake files for ordinary people. On this occasion, I will tell you 2 ways to get rid of Shortcut viruses by using CMD (Command Prompt) and Smadav.

A. Using CMD

1. Select the search icon in the taskbar> then type the folder option.

 1 - folder option
2. Then select the View> tab in the Hidden files and folders section, please select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives> option then uncheck or unmark Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)> then click OK.

 2 - tab view

3. Open the command prompt by pressing the Windows + R key on the keyboard then type cmd. Or you click the search icon> then type command prompt> then right click and choose run as administrator.

 3 - open cmd

4. After that, type your disk drive for example F: then press enter.

 How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut with CMD

5. Then type: attrib -s -r -h / s / d then press enter.

 5 - type the code

6. The next display will be as below without any error.

 6 - succeeded

7. Then open your disk drive, if there is a file or folder with the shortcut type immediately delete by right-clicking on the file or folder> then selecting Delete or Delete.

 How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut

8. Press Yes to confirm. Then the virus will be erased.

 8 - yes

B. Using Smadav

The following methods require additional applications that must be installed first on your computer. The application is antivirus smadav.

1. Open File Explorer or Windows Explorer> then right-click on the drive infected with the shortcut virus> then select Scan With Smadav.

 How to Eliminate Virus Shortcut with Smadav

2. Wait until the Scan process is complete. You can also see the details of the scan process by clicking the Details button.

 2 - details

3. The following is the detail of the scan process and the scan results. Wait until the scan process reaches 100%.

 How to Eliminate Viruses Shortcut

4. If there is a virus shortcut on your computer, the display will look like this. If there is a warning box display like the picture below, please click OK.

 4 - ok

5. Then select the virus tab (if your device has a virus)> then check the box select all> then select Clean All.

 How to Eliminate Viruses Shortcut

6. After that, select the Hidden Files tab (if your device has hidden files)> then select Unhide All.

 6 - unhide

Easy isn't the way to remove virus shortcuts from your device? You can choose one of the methods above to be implemented. It is recommended that your device remains in antivirus protection. So if your device doesn't have antivirus installed immediately on the device.

And if it's already installed, don't disable the protection provided by the antivirus too often. So that your computer stays safe and protected. Need to remember, do not make Smadav as the main antivirus but only as a companion. This is because there are still many deficiencies of this antivirus against circulating viruses. So many articles about how to get rid of virus shortcuts and hopefully useful for you.


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