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2+ Ways to Download Photos on Instagram Online (100% Without Applications)

Instagram – The use of social media on this one is very high in the world. Its function is not only as social media, but as a place for a collection of contemporary photographs with unique and good Instagram feeds uploaded by users of the istagram account.

However, currently There are no special buttons available to download the photo on Instagram. Most people save photos from Instagram with screenshots . But the quality produced is not good.

Actually, to upload photos on Instagram can be done with special events. The method can be from the Instagram application directly (online) and can also use the application.

How to Download Photos on Instagram

In this article, I will explain how how to download photos on Instagram? Well, in this article a tutorial for downloading photos on intsagram in 2 ways, namely without using an application (online ) and the second using the FastSave for instagram application. Pay attention to the steps below:

A. Download Instagram Photos Online

How to download photos in this way can be called without using additional applications but still using special sites, namely downloadgram.com . The first method is more practical and does not need to add to the burden of your mobile memory. The following are the steps:

1. Open and log in to your istagram account

2. Select the photo you want to download. Then click the point on the top right of the photo, then choose Copy Link / Copy Link.

 how to download photos on Instagram online

3. The next step, open a browser account (can use Chrome, Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) then type downloadgram.com . After that paste / paste the photo link into the available column. Then click [Download]

 Instagram 2

4. After that click Download image which shows the arrow.

 how to download photos on Instagram without application

5. And the photo you want has been downloaded automatically.

B. Download Instagram Photos with FastSave for Instagram

How to download photos on Instagram also uses a lot of additional applications. If you don't like the first method, there are still other alternatives, namely using additional applications. Well, the application was named FastSave for instagram which must be installed first in the Playstore application. Here are the steps:

1. Open the playstore and install application FastSave for instagram .

 Instagram 4

2. Open the application FastSave for Instagram then slide to the right of the FastSave Service button and click Open Instagram.

 Instagram 5

3 . And it will automatically enter your instagram, copy the photo link you want to download (like method 1). How to click the point at the top right of the photo, then choose Copy Link.

 how to download photos on Instagram for beginners

4. And the photo has been downloaded automatically. Look at your gallery there will be a folder or on the application FastSave for instagram the downloaded photo is at the top / click My Download / click the download folder (which shown arrow). The three alternatives will both show the downloaded photo earlier.

 Instagram 6

Well, from the explanation of the article on how to download photos on Instagram in two ways, namely online and with the application which of the FastSave for Instagram is the easiest for you? If I suggest if your cellphone doesn't have a lot of storage space, use the first method, because you don't need to download the application again.

But the second way is also quite practical for those of you who have a lot of memory storage download the application in the PlayStore. Actually this application doesn't take up much memory space. But overall the first method is better for alternatives that can be chosen.


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